Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Swats on the Street

A recent episode of the longest-running British soap, Coronation Street, had not one, but two scenes with spanking references, and one of those involved not one, but two swats.

The first occurs when Carla, the knicker factory owner, tells Owen, the local builder, that she has paid the money she owed him, and has given the cheque to his assistant. Owen admits he'd forgotten all about it.

"I'd forgotten too," Carla explains, "but Eileen reminded me. She's a gem."

"I'll have to stop whipping her," Owen replies.

"That's up to you." Oooh. Kinky Carla.

The next significant scene takes place in Eileen's living room. She and her lodger Sean are sitting together on the couch, and Eileen's son Jason and his girlfriend Rosie, who both live there as well, have just come in after an evening out. There's some conversation, then Jason announces, "We're off to bed." He says to Rosie, "Up the wooden hill," and as she walks behind the couch and toward the stairs, gives her a slap on the bum.

As Jason follows her, Sean (who is gay) turns around, tells Jason to "keep it to a minimum," reaches over the back of the couch and swats him on the bottom.

I wonder what's in store for Rosie upstairs? Those of you who are regular viewers will agree that she could use a good spanking or two.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

This sound like so much fun. I realize that spanking is not politically correct so they rarely mention it or show it on movies and television. I'm sure the makers of such shows are afraid of 'offending' someone. Well I'm offended by murder, rape, child abuse, and a ton of other things that are on everywhere!! Give me a show that has strong spanking references and the occasional swat and I'll show you a show I won't miss - and we all know I wouldn't be the only one!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story.

@PK Agree with you.

Dee said...

Rosie could use 3 or 4 or more I think lol!! I haven't watched Corrie for a long time, I may just start again :))

Dee x

ronnie said...

Never thought you'd hear spanking references in Corrie.

I agree as well PK.

Thanks Hermione.

Hermione said...

PK - It seems more common than ever on this show. Maybe CP is becoming PC.

Joey - My pleasure. Two in one day was quite a windfall.

Dee - Here in Canada we are 9 months behind, but catching up. CBC broadcasts two episodes a day Mon - Fri, so we will catch up in a few months.

Ronnie - There have been a few swats that more talented bloggers have posted as videos. I wouldn't know how to do that.


MarQe said...

There have been others very in recent times ... Becky got a smack from Hubby Steve & best of all was the slap Kym Marsh (Michelle) got from Jack Duckworth in the Rovers ! It's on You Tube but the sounds not great ! >>

MQ x

Hermione said...

MarQe - I saw Becky's swat on a blog, then had to wait 10 months to see it on TV. It was New Year's or Christmas, I believe. I remember Michelle's swat too. Good old Jack! I miss him.


Anonymous said...

We used to live on Coronarion Street in W.A. and I have a photo of my brother holding Enid Sharples hand! I've missed too many episodes to try and ever catch up. :(.

kiwigirliegirl said...

Jason and Rosie eh? We are SO FAR behind here in NZ its not funny - something to look forward to hehehe
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Hermione said...

Sky - That photo would be a wonderful keepsake. Times have changed since then, but Ken Barlow is still around.

Kiwi - Yes, I know you're farther back than we are. Oops, was that a spoiler? I don't think they work well as a couple.