Saturday, November 19, 2011

Complete the Caption

These two gentlemen seem to be in the middle of... what?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your conjectures in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


A. Lurker said...

"Lashing through the snow"!

ronnie said...

You really have got me on this one Hermione. I can't come up with anything.


Simon said...

The low budget remake of the Rocky Horror show wasn't going quite to plan.

Christina said...

I'm laughing so hard that I can't come up with anything for this one!

BTW, I gave you a versatile bloggers award - check out my blog!

Michael said...

Punishment is swift at the Crossdresser's Lodge when a member is late and not dressed properly.

Season said...

"I want my dress back you son of a biscuit!"

Bonnie said...

"The Drag Hockey League seemed like a good idea at first..."

vfrat25000 said...

You boys quit horsing around and come inside, dinner is ready. OK, Mom be there in a minute

I told you what would happen if you voted Republican in this election

Did you see that HAROLD? It must be 3 degrees and those boys were outside playing and they did not have on winter coats

The Smith Brothers are at again. Every time there is a NASCAR race on TV, they go to arguing about who is the fastest driver

Oh Jim, I love those black stockings and garter. Stop the car, run over and ask him where he got those.

Marvin, look at that nice man in the black hose and garters helping that other guy inside. I just hate that it’s so icy and slick around here in winter.

Get back inside…You promised to buy me a new Baby Doll Night Gown and by golly I am holding you to your promise!

Fredericks of Hollywood…No I say the best is Victoria’s Secret…Is NOT, Its Frederick's……Victoria’s…Frederick’s….Come inside with me we are going to settle this once and for all

Jillian Bea said...

Hey gimme back my Versatile Blogger Award!

And I gave you one too! See my blog and it will make more sense. lol

Lea said...

"She promised me that if I dressed up like this, she'd reciprocate. Looks like the joke is on me! Let's get out of here!"


"Now that was a great night's drinking. I can't remember what we did."


ronnie said...

"Now go in and ask for my trousers back."