Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photo Shoot

Our dog Fang has health issues that require a fair bit of care on our part. Happily, they are now resolving, and weekly visits to the veterinarian are no longer necessary. This is a mixed blessing, because although the visits are expensive, our vet is a charming person with a wicked sense of humour. We laugh more during an appointment than we do at any other time during the week.

Ron and I were discussing Fang's progress over lunch, and he suggested we email the vet some pictures.

"Of what?" I asked, mentally arranging shots and poses, and thinking of possible locations.

"Of me giving you a spanking," Ron replied, deadpan.

"What?" The sudden shift in subject threw me off guard. Dr. E was pretty broad-minded, but even so... Still thinking of photography and awkward angles, I smiled, shook my head and asked, "Who would take the pictures?"

Ron had an answer for that too, and suggested our distinguished neighbour. The mental picture of a corporate executive snapping pictures of my bottom to send to a medical professional had us both in fits of laughter.

It never occurred to me that Ron would ever consider taking pictures of us engaged in spanking, and here he was, suggesting it. Although I knew perfectly well he was joking and didn't really mean it, I was secretly pleased at how far we have come, and how comfortable we now are in talking about this thing we do.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I suggest you determine if the camera has a timer for taking pictures. It would be a lot easier than asking a neighbor. LOL.

It is so great that you have such a good relationship and can speak freely with each other about TTWD.

Mikki said...

Communication is so huge... and ttwd seems to need that much more. I'm so proud for you that you can joke a bout it... I can barely ask S if he has been reading my blog!! LOL

Back in the day, when we were partying, before all the cell phones and iPhones and such... no cameras were allowed, they were considered evidence! LOL Kids these days have to have pictures of everything... and sometimes the thousand words are just as good!! ;o)

Daisychain said...

Yes, I would suggest using a timer, too, and angling the camera so you stay anonymous to anyone who doesn't normally see your bottom!!!! ALl hypothetical, of course... hahaha! xxxxx

ronnie said...

LOL. Ron certainly has a sense of humour, don't know how he keeps a straight face.

It's lovely you can talk and laugh together easy about TTWD.

Glad to hear Fang's health is better.


Hermione said...

Joey - No timer on the camera, so I'm safe! It's lovely to be able to talk about a subject that was once never spoken of.

Mikki - It takes time to become comfortable talking about ttwd. I remember when cameras were forbidden in many places. Now everyone has a phone that takes photos.

Daisy - I would make certain the angle was just right. Who knows, we might have to reshoot the spanking several times before we got it right. Hypothetically speaking.

Ronnie - He's pretty good at making funny things sound normal. And we're glad Fang is on the mend too.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you don't have a timer on your camera; having the corporate executive take the pictures would be more exciting.
Very glad Fang is doing well.


Anonymous said...

timers, or a full length mirror will give you endless ideas to talk about... or simply to start a photo from Ron's position of having yo uover his knees... then photos of you positoned to receive the loving embrace of various other implements. Go for it, aND WE EAGERLY AWAIT YOUR TELLING US ABOUT IT.

Hermione said...

Sweetpea - Who knows? Maybe he might enjoy it. But I wouldn't!

Red - Thank you for all the enthusiastic suggestions, but that's not gonna happen. My "shot from behind: days are long gone.


Anonymous said...

Hermione: just imagine the view twenty years from now, and you might just believe that Ron loves the current view. Don't we all wish we had photos of yourself in spanking and other positions from 30 years ago.Start with a mirror and it might just be fun. You can see the redness develop, and any detrimental physical comments you make would be dealt with severely immediately. Give men a break, we love the beauty of the woman we are married to. Also, the look in the mirror for ourself is not that flattering.
always smiling (hopefully)