Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've had some fun this week on this anagram generator site.

Here's a sample of what the program came up with for Hermione's Heart:

Reheat Mesh Iron

A Horsemen Their

Rehearse Him Not

Methane Hero Sir

Try it here with your blog name.

From Hermione's Heart


Dee said...

Haha! Couldn't resist. You must have had a lot because I got 2597 anagrams lol!
Fodders Eerie
Reefed Dories
Defied Rose
to name only 3.
Fun :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...

There were more than 12000 for me.

Fanned Joyrides was first on list.



SNP said...

Very Fun. I am going to come back to this later. Thanks.

ronnie said...

Fun Hermione. Too many to look through now will have to try it again. Thanks.


Bas said...

Tried it, but unfortunately not very interesting results.

Unknown said...

I did it, but then when I tried to shorten the list the server was overloaded.

I'll go back later, but currently "His unsubmissive young lady" came u[ with a lot of

"A Deb" followed by hissing and many other creative adjectives. :)

Fondles said...

That's how BIKSS and I got the name of my blog - well, we anagramed our names and got the email address I now use. The blog name was a spin off. :)

Kate said...

What Fun!!!

I got over 900 results...
I'm going to wade through them and write a post, lol



Hermione said...

Dee - Those are funny!

Joey - Cool! It sounds like a Roxettes tune.

SNP - A good way to spend your spare time.

Ronnie - Yes, it does give you pages and pages of them.

Bas - Aw, too bad!

Young Lady - All my readers must be trying it at once. Poor server!

Fondles -Really? How very cool!

Kate - I can't wait to read it.


Minielle Labraun said...

One of mine was Brat EH My! Hmmmmm?

lilmisses said...

While I liked Old Fussiness Mill, my favorite is definitely Moldiness Fills Us. Ha!! Thanks for the distraction. ;)

Daisychain said...

It came up with loads for me, including CHAIN DAISY, A DAISY CHIN, and CHINA DAISY!
It was fun, thanks, Hermione! xxx

Caned Shit Pork said...

Should I change the name of the blog to this? :)


Aimless Rambling said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Tried it couldn't find anything I liked under Aimless Ramblings but kind of thougt "Grisly Nun" was good for Sunny Girl

abby said...

I love word puxxles and such. I am saving this for when I have more time to enjoy,but thanks for finding it.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, so I put in a nickname my husband calls me and 2 items that came up were:
As Pee Wet and A Wee Pest
When I put my husband's nickname in this is what came up:
A Bee Horny and Yeah Boner
They nailed him. Lol.


Lea said...

Neat little tool. For Lea's Corner the notable ones were "Lancer Rose" which sounds like a name I could go by if I were to write romance novels, "La Scone Err" which makes me hungry, and "Cane Sorrel." New scene name, perhaps?

Hermione said...

Minelle - How very appropriate!

Lilmisses - I love them both!

Daisy - I'm pleased you had fun with it.

CSP - Most definitely!

Sunnygirl - I like that.

Abby - My pleasure.

Kiki - They're all so right. That anagram generator must be psychic.

Lea - Now you have a list of possible alter egos. I'll be watching for your latest novel, Lancer.