Sunday, August 5, 2012

You Completed the Caption

These tennis players brought out your competitive spirit, and you cam up with some real gems:

Six of the best: He says, "Honey when you bent over, you were showing your bare ass to the Queen, with disgust on her face. But I noticed Prince Phillip liked it."

MyMask: After I whoop your ass at tennis honey, I am just going to plain whoop your ass in the new Olympic sport of spanking.

Ronnie: "Good match Gloria, but now to complete the bet. Wasn't it six strokes of the cane for each set you lost?"

Prefectdt: Can we try table tennis next time darling? The bats make a much nicer sound on my ass and there is something comfortable to bend over.

Sunnygirl: "Sweetie Pie - can't wait til we get home so I can continue to work on my swing."

His Young Lady: They were in public, so he smiled and looked friendly as he said, "Your panties have been hanging out all day. That is 2 spankings - 1 for flashing everyone and 1 because I didn't give you permission to wear underwear today."

SNP: Greg and Stephanie were aggressive and playful both on and off the court. Greg is telling Stephanie his plans to tie her up and spank her when they get home. Stephanie declares her life with Greg a winner. Today would be game, set, match in more ways than one.

Vfrat25000: Him: Oh my dear. You are so beautiful (and so rich).
Her: He’s dumber than a box of rocks but at least he’s entertainment on a boring Saturday afternoon.

Him: My dear, let’s retire to the cabana and discuss your outlandish court antics and tantrums…I’m sorry, I mean your game!
Her: I am sure it’s been a long time since he has instructed anybody with my tennis skills.

Him: Oh this is going to be one wild afternoon. She is gorgeous, I’m handsome and we are both rich. Everything’s perfect.
Her: I wonder when I should tell him I was once known as Chuck Weinstein.

The Headline for the Mulberry Hills Gossip Gazette: Mulberry Hills Country Club Oiled Up Tennis Pro, Local Eye Candy and Boy Toy, Roger Pennington and Mulberry Hills Astronomically Wealthy and Uber-Spoiled Debutante, Priscilla Fendington left the courts Saturday morning after Priscilla finished bragging to everyone how much money her Dad was making after investing in a company called ENRON!

Him: Want to take the jet to Aspen this afternoon and then in a couple of days go over the pond to Monte Carlo for a little casino fun?
Her: No, I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes and I need to try to get to that huge pile of laundry.
Him: Oh. OK, In that case I am going to mow the lawn and start painting the house.

Her: I so hope I can tease him into spanking me in this tennis outfit when we get back to the cabana! I feel so naughty. I need spanked!
Him: I swear if one more of these Tennis Darlings asks me to spank her after her lessons I am going to take that job managing a Denny’s.

SPECIAL NOTE: Your weekly photo with her panties/very cute bottom peaking out underneath that short tennis skirt is so HOT! Excellent photo choice!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Red: Well hubby, that was a good spanking you gave me at tennis, so when we get home it is time for me to return the favor by giving you a good spanking.

I'm so glad you finally decided to join us here.

Ricky: Gosh, honey, you're bum is red hot!
Gee, I wonder why? And that's the last time I let you spank me before a game!

Mitch: Quite the bet we have going, honey. I lost my shirt. You lost your panties. This last set will tell the tale (um, tail?) as we each have only one item left. Spanks to the loser?

Bonnie: "Let's go home and make a little racket."

A. Lurker: He may have lost his shirt and she caused a bit of a racket but he would settle the score when they got home. I'd say that's love-love!

Michael: She said: "Now honey, please explain again this new game - Crossword Tennis."
He said: "It's quite simple, sweet cheeks., I swat your bare butt with the tennis racket raising a crosshatch pattern then with a black felt tip marker color in some boxes making a crossword grid."

Dr. Ken: He: "And when we get home, I plan to turn you over my knee and work on my forehand."
She: "Beats bending over the net!"

Loki Darksong: "Nice panties, Dear. I can't wait to practice my forehand on them."
"And I can't wait to try my swing on what's under those shorts, Hon!"

Hermione: Helen won the match, but was disqualified for wearing non-regulation panties.

Thank you for playing Complete the Caption. You are all winners!

From Hermione's Heart


Adaline Raine said...

Oh these are awesome!!! :)
Made me giggle (and grin)

Unknown said...

Y'all always do an amazing job at making me laugh!! :)