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From the Top Shelf - Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act by Saskia Walker is a short story about Chrissie, a software engineer, who is infatuated with new co-worker Liam. Little does she know that he is an undercover investigator working on a case involving stolen software code. Chrissie discovers his true identity and helps him look for the source of the leak. Their time together on a stakeout has its moments. They are standing together at the window after some kissing, snuggling, and the inevitable coupling, when...

The thief had pulled up at the front and wouldn't know there was anyone else in the building. Reaching for her hand, he stooped into a squat and pulled her down with him.

"What the hell are you doing?" She fell against him and he moved her down onto the floor, pushing her onto her hands and knees. "Quickly, crawl under the desk, I'll stay behind you."

"What's going on?" She looked so cute with her knickers still trailing from one ankle and her skirt at half-mast over her gorgeous bare ass cheeks.

He gave her a quick slap on the behind. "Get moving."

Her mouth opened in surprise and she wriggled provocatively, one hand going to the place where he'd smacked her. Interesting. She liked that. "Our code thief is about to walk in."

They later have a disagreement when Chrissie accuses Liam of taking advantage of her, and she refuses to have anything more to do with him. After a week of waiting, he gets his brother, a police officer, to stop her on her way home.

The officer flashed a badge. "Good evening, madam. Are you aware of any traffic violations you might have made in the last ten minutes of your journey home?"

"No!" Chrissie was shocked; she was a very careful driver...

"Turn around and put your hands up against the roof of the car."

A rush of humiliation hit her as she did as instructed, resting her keys on the car roof and then flattening her palms against it.

"Can I get some assistance here?" the officer shouted toward the parked car.

Assistance? Something wasn't right here. Surely you didn't have to be searched for a traffic violation —or even several traffic violations —and especially not by two of them. She heard a car door slam, then footsteps. The tension at her back intensified, the scrutiny of the two men behind her making the skin on her back prickle. She moved her head, trying to see their reflections in the windows of the car.

"Hold it right there." Strong male hands moved under her arms and down her sides, patting her down. Blushing furiously, she prayed the neighbors weren't watching. His hands slowed to a stroke at thigh level, and he lingered there a moment. Whoever it was —and she guessed it was the second bloke —she could feel his breath warm against her neck.

"You've acted inappropriately, but I'm willing to let you off with a verbal reprimand, if you take what I have to say seriously.

Something like deja vu tickled her mind. Her spine straightened, her faculties gathering. Oh, that voice. Her head jerked as she tried to look back at him. Something cold and metal slid into place around her wrists, and she heard the click as she realized who and what this was —handcuffs.

"Liam," she said in disbelief, staggering on her heels. "You followed me home."

"Step inside," his voice was gruff. "I need to talk to you."

They bicker for a few pages, but she is incredibly turned on and so is he. Then the action heats up.

Resist or submit? She smiled, suddenly loving the dilemma, and growled at him, making ready to run past him. As she shifted, he dropped into a goalkeeper's stance, arms out to capture her. She ducked this way and that, shot left. His arms went around her. Twisting, she slipped out of his grasp and staggered away, laughing with glee, but was thrown off-kilter because she couldn't move her arms. The sofa was looming into view as she hurtled across the room. There was no other option but to throw herself on it, sprawling uneasily across the cushions.

"Perfect," she heard him declare, as he grabbed her around her hips and lifted her onto her knees. The front of her shoulders were pushed into the back of the sofa. Her hips swayed, her skirt riding up.

"You love this every bit as much as I do," he breathed against her ear as he climbed over her, arms locked around her. She wriggled in his grasp... "You're turned on. You like being handcuffed, don't you?"...Pleasure shot through her. She wriggled her bottom against him..."Maybe".

"Short skirt again, how convenient."...Pushing the skirt up over her hips, he bunched the fabric at her waist and stroked her bottom through the lacy fabric of her knickers. "And you liked being spanked back there in the office, didn't you?"

Did she? Her mind flitted back. Yes, when he's been pushing her underneath the desk. It had been practically impossible for her to sit still under the desk, between his legs, and with her buttocks stinging in the most arousing way.

He looped one finger over the top of her knockers, and pulled them off. "Beautiful," he whispered.

She squeezed her eyes shut, loving his attention and hating it all at once.

"You look so hot when you're all pensive and thoughtful, it made me want to open your legs and distract you."

"Well, you managed it. You distracted me good and proper." She felt the urge to laugh aloud. It felt good, blaming him for the seduction. It felt good letting it out too.

He stroked and then spanked her exposed buttocks several times, making her gasp.

The sting shot through her entire nether region, a moment later altering to a different kind of sensation in her core. Her sex felt heavy and hot, tingling with arousal, as if the spank had lit a torch paper connected to the very quick of her...

He spanked her again, alternating from one buttock to the other, and she moaned loudly, her shoulders shuddering. She couldn't help herself; it burned in the most arousing way, making her want to wriggle and clench all over. Her upper body jerked up when she felt his fingers exploring her...

"This spanking seems to be making you wet, my dear... Was it something I said?"

"Everything you said," she admitted.

This story appeared in Naughty Bits 2, an anthology of short erotic fiction.

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