Monday, August 6, 2012

From the Top Shelf - Primal Instincts

"Primal Instincts" by Cathryn Fox and Lisa Renee Jones is one of the stories in Naughty Bits 2, an anthology of short erotic fiction. Olivia is a scientist doing research on aphrodisiacs; she has travelled to a Mayan jungle in search of estela, an ivory-coloured flower that glows in the dark and is purported to have magical aphrodisiac powers. She meets Chale, a handsome native guide, who gives her a sip of an elixir made from the plant. Then the magic begins.

"Breathe, little one," he commanded in a soft voice. He stood her before him and put her hand on his heart, letting her follow his slow, steady beat. In the span of a moment, her racing pulse settled.  "That's a girl," he murmured. "Learning to control estela's power takes time." His voice dropped to a whisper that sensuously caressed her body.

Chale's lips brushed along her cheek, making a long pass over her mouth before settling there for a deeper exploration. The soft blade of his tongue slipped inside for a gentle kiss that grew in passion and intensity when she moved restlessly against him. Her hand slipped between their bodies...

He stepped back and met her glance. They exchanged a long look. His dark eyes gleamed with sensuality, and before she realized what was happening, Chale captured her hands above her head, tying them with a dangling rope, and then quickly inserted his knee between her legs, widening them, while his men shackled her feet to the floor.


He'd secured her in an erotic position straight from her fantasies.

"Chale..." she murmured. He shot her a look of intimacy and promise. A shudder overtook her, and she was ready to explode just from the smoldering lok in his eyes.

She twisted sideways to watch Chale's warriors circle her, like wild animals in heat, touching her body, exploring her curves, her heat, her most private parts. She gave a broken gasp and closed her eyes, not wanting to think, wanting only to feel.

The room became charged with sexual energy, her scent filling the heavy air.

One large palm slapped her ass. It stung, but she liked it. She moaned, and arched into his touch. Another hand moved to soothe the sting left behind... Voice full of want, she cried out, "More."

More, indeed. But sadly, it was only one swat before they were on to more intimate activities. Still, she enjoyed it.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Very erotic. Thanks for sharing.


SNP said...

More, indeed. I'm with you. Thanks for excerpt.

ronnie said...

A lovely bit of erotic fiction. Thanks so much for sharing Hermione.


Hermione said...

Joey - I thought you would enjoy it.

SNP - It was a cute kinky moment.

Ronnie - My pleasure. It went on to be much steamier!


Mrs. Soft Bottom said...

Yummy-left me wanting more!

Unknown said...

Ooh that was soo good!

Hermione said...

Mrs. SB - Ah, well, enough is as good as a feast.

Renee Rose - I'm glad you liked it.