Sunday, August 19, 2012

You Completed the Caption

This image brought out the best in you this week. Take a look at all the captions!

Joey: Man says, "How did you ever manage to put on those pants or is it just spray paint?"

Six of the best: "Do you call that clean?" said I. As I took my window of opportunity, and bent her over the hood of my car, pulled off her slacks and knickers, to bare her bottom, and proceeded to spank that naked rear end of hers with pleasureable gusto.

Sunnygirl: That bottom is just begging for a spanking and I would love to take advantage of her position.

Emen: Wow is that spankable! What on earth do those "pants" look like from the front?

Minelle: Oh... just one smack, that's all. Just one. :)

Vfrat25000: I wonder if Miss Yellow Pants would want to earn a new Porsche.

The guys with the hot sports cars always get the best looking ladies.

WOW! It would take a place setting for eight to spank that bottom. The old single wooden spoon wouldn’t come close.

I bet if I didn’t have to open my car door with a screwdriver she would have a drink with me. Darn the luck!

LOOK at THAT!..........................Gas is almost $4.00 a gallon

Indescribably tight pants during the week…Sings with the choir on Sunday…That is my dream woman.

If I spank that without permission it will get me a few days in the slammer. Oh well, I can use the rest!

Hey darling, nice pants. What did you say Fool! Ohhhh Craaaap! Sorry Man! I am really sorry!

Bonnie: The yellow sign says, "Dangerous Curves Ahead."

Prefectdt: The guy is thinking: I used to have a canary that colour.

Mick: (Noting the pen in his hand) "Where do you want me to sign?"

Ronnie: "Oh what I'd give to spank that bottom."

garyntboy: Maria decided to leave the mustard factory for a job washing cars, it was playing havoc with her complexion.

Young Lady: Horace had meant it this time when he said "Don't make me pull this car over!" but now how to deal with the fact that all he could find was his "micro switch".

Anonymous: "Excuse me ma'am, I'm an off duty police officer and pan-handling is illegal around here."
"Oh, I'm so sorry. please don't arrest me."
"Well, since I'm off duty we can go in that parking garage over there and I'll turn you over my knee for a good spanking. young lady."
"Um, can I keep my pants on? They are really hard to get back on once I take them down."

Teresa: Jaundice: sometimes it's pretty.

Hermione: "You missed a few bugs waaay over on the far side. You'll have to bend over to reach them."

Thanks for taking time to enjoy the scenery. More next week, so do come back.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Is this a candidate for Wednesday WIN or Friday FAIL?

Hermione said...

Joey - That depends on your point of view.