Sunday, August 26, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Strange things can sometimes happen on stage. Here's how you captioned this photo.

Six of the best: After singing the song "The Wind Beneath My Wings" Rihanna is proving to the audience with her microphone, the truth of this tune. Her encore melody was "The Whiffenpoof Song".

Prefectdt: Rihanna says OK now I'm going to treat you to a "short" song.

Emen: I guess that could be an interesting sound in the mix.

Daisychain: She says, "Umm, tell me again, exactly WHERE do you want me to put this?"

Vfrat25000: Everybody knows the expression “A belly laugh”. Our lead singer will now demonstrate the new “Butt Giggle”.

Turn off the music. I can’t find my new $10,000 Rolex Watch. If I hold the microphone this way, does anybody hear something ticking?

Everybody hear that? Right, there is no sound to be heard! It’s the very depressing quietness of an un-spanked bottom crying out for attention.

OK Guys, last time I demonstrate this. Pay attention. When you spank a girl, you apply the spanks to the part of the anatomy I am pointing at with the microphone, any questions?

The Show Director: Why is she holding that microphone pointed at her bottom?
His Assistant: Either her ass itches or that’s her version of saying “KISS THIS if you think I’m using that trailer for a dressing room.”

Ricky: Ooh, aah, there . . . mmm!

Minelle: Just scratching-- you guys!

Garyntboy: O.K. So the trumpet player hasn't turned up, I'll just have to improvise, like this......

Ronnie: "Are you sure you want me to put it there?"

Hermione: Rihanna had to improvise during her rendition of S&M after the stage crew misplaced her riding crop. 

That wraps up another successful performance of Complete the Caption. Come back soon, and tell your friends!
From Hermione's Heart

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Adaline Raine said...

Very funny captions!!! Look forward to next week's... :)