Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spanko Headlines

The copy desk editors at several Canadian newspapers have been hard at work creating headlines that immediately make me think of spanking. The articles themselves usually prove to be much less interesting. Here are a few that I have collected over the past few weeks.

Canadian Paddlers put World on Notice

Some Canadians are very adept at paddling naughty bottoms. This story, however, was about out Olympic kayakers.

What's not growing? Your bottom line

And a good thing, too! Most bottoms have curves, not lines. This informative piece was not about booties but borrowers who were deeply in debt.

Top to Bottom

Not an intimate exchange of opinions between a spanker and a spankee, as one might think, but an item about a women's tennis match.

Paddling for a good cause

I'll take a good paddling for charity any day. These paddlers were raising money by travelling by canoe up a well-known waterway.

Earn Your Stripes

Advice for those of us who enjoy a good caning every now and then? Alas, the stripes this writer was referring to are found on jackets. blazers and pants.

Stars Earn Stripes

Believe it or not, this is a television show where celebrities take their licks on a military obstacle course. Bare bottoms optional.

Whip One Up

Or two, if it's cheeks that are being whipped. But you may have guessed that this article was about meringues.

Bad Boy's Bare Bum

An expose of how plumbers scam unsuspecting customers? Wrong. It's about Prince Harry's latest bare-bottomed escapades. What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas when you're third in line to the British throne.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

I really like the first one!

SNP said...

Observant as usual. They were all great:)

Hermione said...

Spanky - We Canadians are expert paddlers:)

SNP - Thank you. There's more material for my collection on the doorstep as we speak.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Hermione for some fun from the headlines.

Canadians are not only good paddlers, they have a great sense of humor.


Emen said...

Here's to Canadian Paddlers!

ronnie said...

All great Hermione. Loved your humour. First one my favourite. Thanks.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the grins. I think the paddling for a good cause is my favorite. :)

Minielle Labraun said...

You certainly have a good eye. I love reading your 'finds.'

Hermione said...

Joey - We do our best:)

Emen - I can think of a few that deserve a gold medal.

Ronnie - Mine too:)

Cowgirl - It's popular all over the world.

Minelle - Thank you. It's pretty easy sometimes.


Spankedhortic II said...

I like "Earn your stripes" pin stripes go well in an office spanking scene too :)


ricky said...

Me too, Hermione!
Whenever I see the word, 'paddle',
or its variations, in whatever context, I start to quiver.

Zoe said...

These are great! I love paddling. Kayaking and otherwise.

Aimless Rambling said...

Very cool.

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - They do give that necessary touch of authority.

Ricky - ME too. It's a Pavlovian response.

Zoe - All paddles are fun!

Sunnygirl - Thanks:)


Kaelah said...

These headlines are hilarious, Hermione! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Unknown said...

Fun Canadian newspapers. The possibility of innuendo is interesting, and I believe at lest some of the headline writers had the spanking implication in mind.