Thursday, August 30, 2012

Speaking of Canes

Last week I wrote about canes being used in a scientific experiment, and I later realized that I've never told you about our experience with one. Thank you, Ronnie, for reminding me.

We have a Senior cane, but it's the short kind, with a straight handle. I had thought it would sting, but it turned out to be quite thuddy. It's about as thick as the dressage whip, but because it is rigid rather than supple and isn't tapered at the end, it delivers a solid whack that isn't as painful.

In fact, it looks and feels just like a perch from our budgies' cage.

So when Ron uses it, I usually think of the budgies and I start to giggle. Or sometimes I ask him if he's been shopping at Home Depot for wooden dowels. Often he uses it as a single drumstick, and taps out rhythms to songs that I have to guess the names of. Far from being frightening or formidable, our cane is a source of much amusement.

I wonder if a Junior cane might generate a bit more respect.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

Flight of the bumblbee perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I so not like thuddy. Using that senior cane for the bird is a good idea.

A long junior cane can be very stingy.


ronnie said...

Happy I reminded you.

LOL tapping out thythms for you to guess, love it.

Thick ones like that are thuddy. Try it for OTK spanking and yes do try a junior cane you will notice the difference.


Erica said...

Funny how different we all are. I find the thuddy Senior cane to be quite painful. The Junior has more of a sting and a bite, but I guess I process that sensation better.

Plus, the Juniors break more easily. ;-)

Emen said...

I'm not sure what Junior means. Does it refer to diameter? We don't have many implements that aren't household items. Did purchase a "short" cane but way too thick and thuddy. Great afterburn and markings but I want it while it's happening :)

Hermione said...

Spanky - He's more of a Jerry Lee Lewis fan.

Joey - I just might try one.

Ronnie - I think I might prefer the Jr.

Erica - I guess it depends on how hard it's being applied. I'd probably break the junior one, but it might be worth a try.


Dee said...

We have one that looks about the same thickness. I'd be interested to feel what difference there would be between that and a junior. If I ever get one I'll let you know :)

Dee x

ricky said...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Have fun,

Kate said...

Yes, there is a difference in the feel. Our first canes were three rattan rods, of three difference thicknesses. Each one had their own 'feel'. And I could usually tell which one he was using. Recently we bought canes made from delrin, acrylic, and a finished rattan. The finish makes a HUGE difference for the rattan - it's MUCH more sting-y. I am like you, I tend to like more thuddy than sting-y. I really like our blue acrylic's just the right amount of hurt with a bit of sting.

Hermione said...

Emen - Sorry I missed you. Your comment went into the spam bucket.

Junior canes are narrower in diameter than senior ones.

Dee - I'm all ears:)

Ricky - Well, it ain't broke yet, but there's always tomorrow.

Kate - You have a lovely arsenal.


Anonymous said...

beating a tune on your bottom. How delightful. However, I recommend purchasing a more intense cane for your ultimate satisfaction (eventually)