Monday, January 28, 2013

From the Top Shelf - Discipline on a Jet

Today's story comes from my good friend Joey. As well as being both a giver and receiver of spankings, Joey is a talented writer. I'm sure you will agree after reading this short tale. To discover how he came up with the idea for this story, read his introduction to it here.

Discipline on a Jet

After a wonderful weekend of spanking fun, I am trying to find a comfortable way of sitting on a plastic chair in the airport while waiting to board a jet back to NY.  My bottom is sore and bruised, but I am relaxed and happy as I remember all of the terrific scenes of this past weekend. I am also relieved that I was able to pass through security with my implements in my rollerboard bag. 

Fifteen minutes later, I board with my equipment and settle into my seat which is on the aisle and ten rows from the rear of the jet. I start reading Runners Magazine and soon one of the flight attendants stops by my seat to chat about running. She is sweet and nice with an athletic build. We trade marathon stories for a few minutes and she returns to her duties.

A minute later, I notice that she is engaged in a conversation with a young man who is texting on his iPhone several rows in front of me. When she turns around, I see that she is in distress so I ask her what is troubling her. 

“That young man in aisle 32 is very rude. He gave me lip when I told him that he would have to stop texting in a few minutes. The pilot will be furious if he does not turn off his phone.”

I try to calm her, but she is visibly upset.

A few minutes later, the Captain asks all passengers to turn off their electronic equipment, but the young man totally disregards his request. A moment later, I see the flight attendant speaking to him again in a firm voice, but he does not even look up at her. In frustration, she heads back up the aisle with a very distressed look on her face.  I stop her and ask what is going on.

“I am very upset. I asked him firmly to turn off his phone, but he will not.  Although the door is locked and we are taxiing to the runway, I must tell the pilot. The Captain will be very annoyed that I cannot handle the situation.  And I am sure that he will stop the jet until the matter is resolved.”

She returns to the rear of the jet and I can tell she is in a heated conversation with someone.  And she is almost in tears because of her frustration with the young man. A few minutes later, I notice that the jet has stopped moving. She starts forward and I ask to speak with her.

“What is going on?” I ask.

“The pilot wants to return to the gate and have him escorted off the jet. This will delay the flight by at least 45 minutes. And, he will blame me for not being able to handle the situation.”

“I have an idea; may I speak with you in the rear galley?”

She nods and I follow her.

“I have experience with providing old-fashioned discipline.” I show her my acrylic cane and whisper my plan in her ear. She smiles and nods her approval. I turn and head for the young man who is named John. I look at John and in my most commanding voice I say:

“Look at me!”

Startled, John looks in my eyes.


He stands and follows me to the galley. When he passes me, I close a curtain to give us some privacy.

“John. You are in big trouble. In a moment, the pilot will put you off the jet and most likely add your name to the no-fly list. You will not be able to fly for at least five years.”

“You are bluffing me.”

“No. I am as serious as a heart attack.” His mouth dropped and I could tell he was a little scared.

“I have an alternative for you.”

“Tell me.”

“You can accept 12 strokes with this cane from the flight attendant and apologize.” My plastic cane does not look harsh, but it stings like a bunch of bees and leaves a nice after burn.

“Take your best shot.”

I place a stool in front of him and tell him to drop his pants and bend over the stool. When he drops his pants, I find out that he is dressed commando style with no knickers. So, John will get the strokes on the bare. Well, all the better for this rude lad.

I show the flight attendant how to swing the cane and tell her to take a practice swing. I like my plastic cane because it is easy to handle in tight quarters, but packs a mean sting.

“Are you ready?” I say to the flight attendant. She nods with a smile.

“Ok. I will count strokes.”

The first stroke is delivered with a passion that I only see with the most sadistic dommes. John jumps in surprise at the sting.

“Back down, young man!” I say in a firm voice.

Five quick and nasty strokes are delivered and his bottom has five welts. The sixth stroke is very harsh and he jumps and uses the F-word.

“No cursing!  We will start over.”

“What?” said John.

“Keep quiet and keep your mouth shut. Get it?”

“Yes sir.”

Twelve more vicious strokes and his young bottom is nicely striped.

“Get up. Say you are sorry.”

“I am sorry, Ma’am.”

John returns to his seat with his head bowed.

I hug the flight attendant and we both smile in triumph.

I wish all nuisance travellers could be dealt with in such an effective manner. To discover how Joey came up with the idea for this story, read his introduction to it here.


SirQsmlb said...

Awesome story Joey. That's a great way to earn some respect!! Thanks for sharing Hermione!


ronnie said...

Great, nicely done Joey. You do have a talent for writing. Thanks and thank you Hermione.


Terpsichore said...

great story...hopefully he won't be so rude next time...

Aimless Rambling said...

Great story Joey. Thank you Hermione for sharing.

Hermione said...

SirQsmlb - My pleasure!

Ronnie - You are very welcome.

Terps - I'm sure he will be the epitome of politeness.

Sunny - I was glad to do it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting my story.


SNP said...

Well Done, Joey! Thanks Hermione for posting for your Monday Top Shelf item:)

Minielle Labraun said...

Great story Joey!It would be a site if this really happened...!

Roz said...

Wonderful story Joey. I'm sure plenty of air stewards probably wish they could cane some passengers LoL.

Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your comments and once again to Hermione for publishing my story.

Hermione said...

Joey - I'm happy to do it anytime for you.

SNP - My pleasure!

Minelle - I'd love to be on that plane if it were true.

Roz - I'll bet they do!

Lea said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love the story, Joey!