Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Completed the Caption

You all outdid yourselves with this strange flash from the past:

Kingspan: The last guy who pinched her bum had his tail turned red in a woodshed. This one would have his tail reddened in a lobster pot.

Sir Wendel Jones: No. No. No. It’s called “The Crabs”.

Elle: Come on! It's just a little pinch! ;)

TL Bucko: When I said I wanted you to pinch my butt this wasn't what I had in mind. You don't have to be so literal!

Michael: First Girl: "I'll let you spank me when lobsters come out my butt!"
Second Girl: "Then I better get the hairbrush."

The lobster paddle worked better in theory than in practice."

Young Lady: **sobbing** I am so sorry I told everyone you gave me crabs!! I will never lie again!!

Sunnygirl: How dare you pinch me? You will be red all over when before I'm done with you.

Smuccatelli: This is not what I had in mind when you said: "Let's go to Red Lobster"...

Ricky: The latest is lobster traps, perhaps?

SNP: Remember when you said the spanking my husband gave me probably did not hurt THAT much? Well, let's have this lobster pinch you and then you tell me if it hurts or not?

Vfrat25000: Twilla and Mabelina, twin sisters from Detroit, became famous after trying to rescue “Big Fred” the famous lobster from the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant. After Big Fred bit Twilla on the butt the twins saw the error of their ways and Big Fred became lunch.

That’s not a Lobster, that’s a shrimp…You should see the lobsters ever since that truck full of radioactive medical waste spilled off Jones’s Pier.

Hey Jim, look at the wives! Yours has a lobster hanging from her rear end. Mine is trying to pull it off her.
Forget that Bob, why are they dressed in swimsuits that look like its 1920. Gosh I hope no one figures out they are with us.

Gertrude why are you pulling on my swimsuit?
You have a huge lobster stuck to your butt.
Right…..Next thing you will be telling me that someday woman will actually be able to go the beach in two skimpy pieces of cloth with their stomachs bared. Now lay off the gin and tonics and let go of my swimsuit

Petunia, this lobster is a reincarnation of my old creepy uncle Charles. He always did like women’s bottoms. The old geezer couldn’t keep his hands off em!

Ronnie: I knew it would come back and bite me on the bum.

Hermione: The lobster toss was always a highlight of the Sandy Shores Highland Games.

Well, that made me feel much warmer! I hope to see you all again soon.

From Hermione's Heart

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