Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Punch and (ouch!) Judy

Last week Chross posted a wonderful clip of a rather unexpected paddling scene on a popular mainstream television show.

The sketch is from an episode of The Carol Burnett Show that aired nearly forty years ago, with guest star Vincent Price as the narrator, and Carol and Joel Grey performing as puppets. In their song, Punch and Judy reveal the secret of their long and happy relationship.

As a side note, this is my 1500th published post. Whew! That's  lot of blogging!

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

OMG, this was too funny. Thanks Hermione :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool. We loved that show.

Congratulations!!! 1500 posts!! As a blogger, I can appreciate how much effort that involves.

Thank you for so many entertaining posts.


Susie said...

Wow, I'd never seen that one!

1500 posts...amazing Hermione.

abby said...

Congrats on 1500....I remember watching Carol..but did not remember that snippet...very cool.
hugs abby

elle :) said...

Congrats on 1500!!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Hermione! Thanks so much for sharing. I totally loved watching it!

And, congrats on 1,500 posts. Wow!!!


ronnie said...


Certainly is a lot of blogging Hermione. Congratulations and thank you.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on giving spankers everywhere so many entertaining posts about spanking.. and what a great video... I loved watching Vincent Price also.
How about asking for a spanking as a reward?
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Loved the clip - and congrats on 1500!

Unknown said...

lol!! I had started this clip months ago, but just was able to watch it through. it made me chuckle :) Somehow the chicas look more turned on by it all ;-)

Hermione said...

Roz - You're welcome.

Joey - when you create one post at a time you don't realize how they add up.

Susie - It's a pretty neat sketch.

Abby - Thank you.

Elle - thank you.

Rachael - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ronnie - I've worn out more than one keyboard:)

Red - That's a thought. I may give it a try.

Emi - Thanks!

YL - They were having a great time too.


Mrs. D said...

Oh how funny! I've always loved Carol Burnett, thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your 1500th post.


Congratulations on the 1500th post, that's a high milestone.


Erica said...

I know I must have seen that clip before, but it means so much more now! What fun memories. And Vincent Price did so much horror, I think people forgot just how funny he could be.

WOW, 1500! That's fabulous -- congratulations and thank you. :-)

Blondie said...

That is hysterical. Sad that I remember the show but it didn't make sense back then. Our elders knew how a marriage should work.
Wow 1500 posts! Awesome

Minielle Labraun said...

I watched that show all the time...yes I am that old! However I do not remember that clip. I know almost every TV show, or movie that had spanking in it....how do I not know that? LOL
Congrats on 1500 posts.

Riley said...

1500! Wow that is impressive! I was just saying I hit 100. I'll see you in 14 years when I hit my 1500 mark ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 1500th post. That's awesome and this was too funny!

Aimless Rambling said...

My comment is not here.

Anyway, better late than never. Congratulations on 1500 posts. I think I said something like I'm glad you are still around for us newbies because I would have hated to miss out on your blog.

Loved the clip. I must have missed that one. I was a big Carol Burnett fan

Dee said...

Haha great clip and congrats on your 1500th :)

Dee x

Hermione said...

Mrs D - I loved her show too.

Prefectdt - It's quite a staggering number.

Erica - I thought it would touch a chord. I thought Vincent was marvelous.

Blondie - They knew what was best for us:)

Minelle - It's funny how many of us were fans but missed or don't remember that sketch.

Riley - You'll get there eventually.

TL Bucko - Thank you.

Sunny - Blogger has been feeding on comments again, I presume:)
I'm glad I'm still around too!

Dee - Thanks and thanks!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I remember the show well and even watched it from time to time. I CAN'T BELIEVE I missed this episode. It would have just put me into orbit. Carol B is a wonderful talent, had a great show and is a class act. Do you hear that Kathy Griffin?

Just some guy in flyover country said...

LOL, loved it!! It's like the musical version of 'The Spencer Plan'. I watched that show all the time when I was a little kid, but don't recall that scene.

Yayyyyy! On your 1,500 posts!!!

Big HUG,


Hermione said...

Anon - Carol is indeed a gifted performer.

JSG - LOL! The Spencer Plan with puppets. I love it:)


Patty said...

1,500 posts. How wonderful for all of us (lurkers included).

Florida Dom said...

I am a bit late to the party but congrats on 1500 posts. WOW. I don't know how you do it.


Hermione said...

FD - Thank you. It is hard work, but so worth it.


Lea said...

1500? That's incredible! Congratulations! And thank you for keeping up with an always entertaining blog.