Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday WIN

This picture reminded me of a recent post of Joey's, about women whose bodies Nature has more generously endowed. The charming term he used was "fluffy". This sketch of a fluffy female is a reminder that good things come in big packages too.

For those among you who are geeks and like to do things by the numbers, here's an interesting graph.

 It must have been created by a vanilla geek.

Finally, I wonder what will happen when this naughty man is returned to his long-suffering wife.

Rita probably has a hairbrush in her handbag to cure his wandering ways.

From Hermione's Heart


Fondles said...

LOL I love the last pic! So cute!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for another fun post. And, for referencing my comments about fluffy ladies.


Roz said...

LOL, thanks Hermione. I love the t-shirts - cute. The graph cracked me up. Why is the audio and visual are so often out of synch?


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall protests, but I am a geek. And yes, of late, every spanking clip I have seen the sound is off, way off.

Hermione said...

Fondles - It was, and I'm glad it seeemed to fit in today's potpourri of pics.

Joey - It was good timing. I found the picture a day after your post.

Roz - I suppose because light travels faster than sound. (Does that make me a geek too?)

Bogey - I never noticed the time lag, but now I'll be aware of it.


abby said...

I love the t-shirts...!! A great win!
hugs abby

SNP said...

The tshirts are clever and fun. Graphics are great, too. Happy Wed.

Anastasia Vitsky said...


Too funny.

ronnie said...


Definitely wins. Loved the last one. Thanks.


Bas said...

Last one is really great.

Yes out of sync audio and video can ruin any spanking experience.
But on the other hand: what better way is there to test if A/V is in sync?

Anonymous said...


kiwigirliegirl said...

very good funny start to my thursday morning, thanks HERMIONE XXX

Hermione said...

Abby - They are a good idea, I think, especially when shopping.

SNP - Happy Wednesday to you too.

Ana - Thanks.

Ronnie - It seems to be a favourite.

Bas - It's an effective sound check.

Trazuredpet - Glad you enjoyed it.

Kiwi - It was my pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Love the pie chart! I hate it when the sound is off. In fact, it's very off-putting!! Thanks for the laugh. ;)

findingsara said...

Cute T-shirts! :)


elle :) said...

Lol, she probably does :)

Anonymous said...

So, then, where is Rita to be returned?

Corrales Red

Anonymous said...

So that was the size of women in the middle ages, or should I say middle aged women.... LOL, and then run...
bottoms up

Minielle Labraun said...

You always find such great wins.
All of them hit home and made me laugh.

Hermione said...

Jessa - I agree, it's hard o concentrate on the action.

Sara - They are. Welcome back!

Elle - I certainly hope so.

Corrales - Maybe that's on the front of her shirt.

Red - Your first thought was correct. As for the second--Cindy! Fetch the paddle.

Minelle - Thank you so much.