Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This is the caption from Cheezburger that made me laugh. Now here are yours, and many of you included good wishes to the happy couple, Cora and Ken:

Joey: "Now that we are married, I want you to understand that you may be wearing the pants, but I am holding the paddle."

Congratulations to Cora and Ken. Ken was really moved by the ceremony, I have never seen a groom so red during a wedding. My best to both of them.

Simon: She says, "If you don't decorate this bloody room soon I'll have to use the cane."

Minelle: Now let's get the rules set!

Ronnie: This wasn't what Harold had in mind when his new wife said she'd be talking charge of household matters.

Ken: Wow, its a real honor having one of your posts dedicated to us. Thanks. As far as the caption, I think Cora said it quite well,

"Do you promise to always obey me ..."

Michael: Cora: Get used to this position, Ken, especially now that we are married.
Ken: I would have it no other way, dear.
Michael: Congratulations, Cora and Ken. Here's to a lifetime of love, happiness and spanking.

Kingspan: He had forgotten how much she disliked the cheap jewelry he got her for Christmas until he laughed at the ad where the husband spanks his wife for not buying Chase and Sanborn coffee.

Congratulations, Cora and Ken!

Sunnygirl: "I told you I was in charge, now do you get it?"

TL Bucko: All those jokes about knowing my place and being barefoot and in the kitchen aren't so funny now are they?

Congrats Cora and Ken!

Lillie: Although a beloved American household icon, there was a more complicated side to Betty Crocker that only her husband knew.

 Ian: "Any Saturday night at Steven Harper's house."

And we both wish an Irish wedding blessing to Cora and Ken:
May the roof o'er your heads be as well thatched, as the pair below it be well matched,

Vfrat25000: Not every plan goes as expected. Willy Barnholder thought leaving the computer screen set to a spanking webpage might add a little excitement to a 20 year marriage. It did but not at all how he had imagined.

Frank Founderhoppen found out that marrying a teacher had its consequences when it came to household disagreements.

Mary Punkenwhistle hinted for months to have Wayne, her husband, give her a good old fashioned paddling. After trying everything she could think of without success she decided maybe a practical demonstration might be in order.
“Ouch! Stop! I get your point. I promise…Tonight you get to be the naughty schoolgirl….Owwww!

Dang lady, all I said was, “You have a nice butt”

Katherine…Kate…Sweetie….This is NOT how Kiss Me Kate is written!

Madam President….When you get through with the Secretary of Defense I believe the Vice President needs a session as well.

Dr.Ken: He says, "Aw geez, honey, you're not still mad about the spanking I gave YOU last night, are you?"

Ricky: Please, Please, Please! Don't stop! I beg of you!

Thank you all for participating. Please come back whenever you can.

From Hermione's Heart

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