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From the Top Shelf - The Amorous Professor Takes his Leave

Since we last saw him, Frank had moved on to another teaching position at a private girls' school in northern England, run by Mrs. Wagstaffe. His duties consisted mainly of punishing naughty girls for idleness, insolence and truancy. He enjoyed his job and was good at it, but there came a turning point which was rather surprising. 

And now I come to the point where Mrs. Wagstaffe and I had to part company after two very rewarding years... It was a late Friday evening in mid January, I was reading a book by H.G.Wells, reflecting on what clairvoyance he had shown in his War of the Worlds after we had just concluded one of the most terrifying global conflicts in history.

As I read I heard something and closed the book to discover that one of the stout matrons who had helped me birch Betsy and Hester was there to ask me if I might kindly present myself to Mrs. Wagstaffe at my earliest convenience. I had no reason to suspect anything untoward and a few minutes later I knocked at the Principal's quarters, was told to come in, and there I found my buxom employer in just a thin wrap, her rather plump calves snugged in white silk hose and wearing elegant high-heeled black leather shoes. She asked if I would care for some wine and tea biscuits and, to be convivial, I agreed. She then went on to tell me how thoroughly pleased she was with my efficient and business-like duties on behalf of her school and how much she admired the standards of discipline and deportment I had set.

Then she asked me whether I would accept a position as head master, with a handsome raise in stipend. Of course I said yes. She sighed langorously and then said, "I've often envied you, dear Mr. Meredith, and there have been times when I wished I'd been in your class on a Friday when you were smacking the bottoms of those naughty girls. For you see, dear Frank, I've longed for a strong man to do just that to me. You see, poor Felix was such an effete man, and even at best he could never satisfy me. he wouldn't even spank me because he thought it was perverse. Oh do it to me now - spank me and love me, marry me Frank and own this school with me, I implore you!"

With this she rose dramatically from her chair, upsetting her teacup and the plate of tea biscuits, cast off her wrap and presented herself quite naked except for garter-belt, hose and shoes. I must confess she was extremely tempting, although a little too buxom for my personal taste...she had a lovely pale white skin that a woman half her age would have envied, and she certainly had a magnificent bottom for the whip. Before I could regain my poise, she had flung herself across my lap and, looking back at me, coyly murmured, "Oh do smack my big bottom, I've been a naughty girl and need it so badly, Frank, dear! Smack me and make love to me--oh, yes, give it to me now!"

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I realised the die was cast and Mrs. Wagstaffe and I could no longer remain an employer-employee team now that she had opened herself to me so completely. In rejecting her, I would also have to reject my post, and I told her rather gently, "I'm afraid I must decline, for you do me too great an honour. I'm betrothed already, Felicia. You must forgive me. I would be false to my own code if I loved you as I dearly wish to do right now."

However, to console her, I did put my arm around her and give her large, resilient arse about a dozen hard stinging slaps, which left her gurgling and cooing like a turtle-dove begging for more. When I set her on her feet, she was blushing and crying too, more from my rejection than the pain of the spanking. So, manfully, I took my leave, with a glowing recommendation and her wish that I be happy in my forthcoming marriage. I never told her that I'd had to lie in order to save her face as well as my own.

An interesting way to give notice that he was leaving his position, but then, that's Frank for you!

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Fun story. That would have made for an interesting working relationship. Thanks for sharing.

garyntboy said...

I very much enjoyed reading this story Hermione, could picture every scene in my head. What a great shame that he had to refuse such a tempting offer at the END.
Kind regards,

Roz said...

I've really enjoyed this seres of stories Hermione, thank you for sharing.

Wow, a surprising turn of events indeed!


Aimless Rambling said...

Gallant to the end. Thanks for giving us this story.

1ManView said...

Hard nose, but not hard up... :) Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

You know, what is amazing here is that few of your readers know who wrote this and when it was written. Books like this proliferated in the 60's in bricks and mortar "adult bookstores". Today there are only a few writers who try to emulate this style and write full fledged unabashed "spanking novels". I'll see if I can find a link to this at olympia press. I'll bet it's there under another title and on sale for $1.00.

ronnie said...


Thanks for sharing this series with us. Really enjoyed the read and yes a surprising end.


Hermione said...

TL Bucko - Yes, it would be an interesting relationship indeed!

Gary - Too bad he had scruples.

Roz - Very surprising.

Sunny - Isn't he just!

1manview - My pleasure.

Rollin - I recall reading a few paperbacks written in the same style, perhaps by the same author. I can still find them in a few bookshops.

Ronnie - I was surprised too.

Something completely different next week!


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Hermione said...

Bogey - Thanks! (Or was that intended for Frank?:)