Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who hears us?

We don't have children in the house so being overheard by little ears isn't a concern. But now that spring is here and the temperatures have soared, the windows are usually open. Who might have been eavesdropping on our spanking activities?

  • The Fedex man, who makes daily deliveries to our next-door neighbour, a Shopping Channel addict
  • The Canada Post driver who delivers packages to our door
  • The gas meter reader who often appears unexpectedly in our back yard
  • Our letter carrier (yes, we get a lot of snail mail)
  • The people who deliver our daily and weekly newspapers
  • Kids collecting bottles to raise money for a sports trip
  • Neighbours outside doing yard work or just strolling by
  • The pair of individuals in suits and ties, carrying briefcases, who regularly knock on each door on the street every Saturday morning.
I think I'll have to remember to close the windows the next time I'm in for a spanking. That will surely heat up the action!

Have your spankings ever been accidentally overheard by someone?

From Hermione's Heart


kiwigirliegirl said...

Oh yes we have been heard by my 14 year old son! !! I don't who was more embarrased him or me. Sir doesn't care who hears sees or knows - seems he is very comfortable and confident in his role as hoh.

Roz said...

LoL Hermione,

The warmer weather always makes me paranoid about neighbours hearing. Especially with everybody having windows and doors open and quite often outside.


SirQsmlb said...

As Sir will swat my bum playfully...ANYWHERE it seems, many have overheard. I worry about who all has heard serious spankings, I'm sure there are some I wish hadn't.


bob said...

I am sure my father in law who lives with us has heard us a few times but he has never said anything about it.


Minielle Labraun said...

The short playful stuff, swats and all is heard by everyone in our house.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, all ears have eyes so to speak. The trees in the backyard also whisper. So Does the wind. What are they saying. "Hermione, have a spanking good time".

Hermione said...

Kiwi - Yikes? Terribly embarrassing!

Roz - True. It's like they are just watching and waiting.

SirQsmlb - They probably wouldn't tell you what they overheard.

Bob - Perhaps he is reminiscing about old times.

Minelle - Those aren't too embarrassing.

Six - I've heard them myself!


Aimless Rambling said...

Not that I know, but we have been careful.

Unknown said...

Our neighbor walked in on us while my H was using the belt in a playful manner on my backside. Although it was looked at as a fun thing, I was still embarrassed. Otherwise just our dog and he howls while I'm being spanked!

Felicia Nemo said...

I don't think anyone's overheard us before...but I'd be concerned with the suited visitors! CISIS? Aliens? Telemarketers without a phone?

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Our daughter caught us twice when she was about 12.

Anonymous said...

You are right and spanking can be very loud. And, it is very distinctive.


ronnie said...

Can't say for certain but I think our regular postman has.


Unknown said...

Bucko spanked me in the car once. I think a car pulled up beside us, but I can't be sure. I was blushing from both ends either way.

Hermione said...

Sunny - I don't know for sure either, but there's always the possibility.

R&K - I hope the neighbour took it as a joke.

Felicia - Jehovah's Witnesses.

Bogey - Yikes! I hope she wasn't too traumatized.

Joey - Quite obvious that it's spanking and not beating a rug:)

Ronnie - I'll bet postmen have pretty much seem it all, at one time or other.

TL Bucko - That was too close for comfort!


DelFonte said...

I shut the window last time - just don't want to find out how good our neighbour's hearing is.

Erica said...

Many times. Three of those times culminated in the police banging on John's door.

In a more humorous instance, one of John's former neighbors commented that she could hear us, and asked if she could be invited over next time. (squirming)

Anonymous said...

Not yet thank goodness!!! Let me find some wood to knock on just to be safe though! lol

*Bonnie* said...

My children have heard us once or twice (which is horrifing enough) but gosh I hope nobody else has ever heard. Thank goodness we live in the country and don't have close neighbors.

garyntboy said...

Our kids must hear us a times. When we do the crossword in bed, I read out the clues and if Mrs. G gives a too silly answer she will get a swat from my hand. Crosswords don't always mean cross words...ha,ha.
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Spanking is loud, specially if a hair brush or bath brush... We have probably been heard numerous times on board a ship, or in hotel rooms, and maybe even by the neighbors.
We do close windows, and put on music, but....
but no spankings when any of the children (who are all adults) are visiting with us..
bottoms up

WendelJones said...

We overheard someone walloping his girlfriend’s behind at the Luxor in Las Vegas. We listened by the door for a bit. When we got to our room I gave the misses a good spanking as well. I’m sure we were overheard by someone else too. So I guess it comes around full circle.

bobbsroom said...

Not yet

But i am working on it :):)

Hermione said...

DelFonte - Very wise!

Erica - I remember your recounting of the police visits. It seems John has a kinky neighbour:)

Sara - Here, use this paddle:)

*Bonnie* - Living in the country has certain advantages.

Gary - So Mrs G is starting to enjoy getting swats? Good for her!

Red - I suppose that on a cruise or in a hotel, anything goes! You'll never see those people again.

Sir W - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Bob - Good luck!


Nick said...

I know it's not polite to overtly flaunt your sexual activities in front of others. And we don't

But if I knew that say, an attractive Avon lady heard my sound spanking, that would be HOT.

When I was a teenager the neighbor used to joke about spanking his wife (and they were both quite attractive). I'm sure they were into spanking because she would turn beet red when the subject was brought up.

Anyhow I have no idea if anyone's ever overheard my partner and I. But I certainly hope so... especially if it's the pretty young woman on the north side.

Hermione said...

Nick - Yes, it would be hot if you wanted your activities to be overheard, and knew who was listening.


Pecan nutjob said...

Since we have children, we really had to limit our spanking activities - or at least to schedule them appropriately (which takes out the spontaneousness, sure).

Unfortunately, spanking is even more embarrassing than sex. In our society, it would be understood that a married couple has sex and is accidentally overheard by their children, but spanking surely would make us look like weirdos.

We have indulged in spanking in hotels or resorts, but on occasion had to refrain ourselves - insulation too thin. We can cope with other guests hearing a distant "tap, tap", but we don't want to embarrass them by giving them a full soundtrack.

It would be pretentious to claim we have never been overheard, but at last nobody made us the remark. ;-)