Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Feats of daring inspire your very best captions! here's what you wrote:

Simon: Simon's Mistress had a slightly different conception of cornertime to most. And he'd also been told that if he misbehaved again he would do it in the nude.

Katie: "For crying out loud, I've spanked her so many times for the same thing that I've lost my mind! I need a little balance in my life!"

Six of the best: "Jumping Johosephat and fly me to the moon, if that is not Hermione's voluptuous bare bottom I see before me. And most spankable at that." said 'Six of the Best' in delight.

Tex: "EEEEEeekkk!!!... a MOUSE!"

Bonnie: When Fred's psychologist discussed the need to achieve a healthy work-life balance, he completely missed the point.

Sunnygirl: NUTS, is the only thing that comes to mind.

*Bonnie*: "Hey hold my beer and watch this!"

Tim: When Tim had been told his punishment would involve him not being able to sit down for a week he had envisaged something quite different...

Ronnie: "I wonder if this is what she meant when she said I need to get some balance in my life."

Ricky: I'll build a chairway to Paradise,
with a new chair every day.

With apologies to the brothers Gershwin, to wit:
"I'll build a stairway to Paradise,
with a new step, evr'y day!"

(I know, I know . . . groan!)

Sir Wendel Jones: Aw crap! Forgot to close the car windows.

Dr. Ken: "'Scuse me, Occifer, but are you sure this is a perfectly legal field sobriety test?"

GaryNTboy: Barney the birdman of Broadway was suffering more bouts of amnesia. This time he'd completely forgotten to strap on his wings.

Hermione: "Bend over that chair" took on a whole new meaning for Paul during his first encounter with Mistress May.

Well, that was invigorating! Have a safe, sane and consensual week, everyone.
From Hermione's Heart

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