Sunday, June 9, 2013

You Completed the Caption

The Michelin Man, Poppin' Fresh, or the Pillsbury Doughboy - take your pick. They're all spankos!

Prefectdt: Finally, she had found a way to profit from high inflation levels.

Tim: Michelin Man never tyred of spanking cute girl's bottoms.

Bob: Fits like a glove.

Six of the best: "Hermione, don't 'RUB' ber me the wrong way. For I am never TYRED of giving your bare bottom a good spanking.

Bonnie: "That was the day I learned that Fessée is not the French word for tires."

Sunnygirl: "I'll show you I am not all hot air."

Red: Seems to me the Michelin man is doing something quite different with this young woman than spanking her...

Ricky: "Where is it? What"

Ronnie: Well go on Michelin man, spank me.

Dr. Ken: Dr. Julia wasn't too happy about being spanked, but overall, the test of the body-suit condom had to be called a success.

*Bonnie*: I may look soft but I'll give it to you hard.

Michael: The Michelin Man proved to Debra he's no softy.

Sir Wendel Jones: 
Mary: I’m usually spanked with leather but I guess I can give rubber a go.

Michelin Man: More traction for a smoother ride.

Rednakedy: So exactly how long does yeast keep rising? OH. My mistake----I thought you were the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Carry on.

Kingspan: I said I wanted to experience a "for real" spanking, not "four wheel".

Hermione: Sally hadn't realized the penalty for failing to change to winter tires by December 15.

Anon: Do I get a 4-star rating for that?

Thanks for your creative imaginings. See you all next week!

From Hermione's Heart

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*Bonnie* said...

Hahaha good one Hermione!