Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In the News

Our daily newspaper includes a weekly summary of the local criminal court cases, and this one caught my eye. "Man Strips, Uses Belt" was the headline. A local cab driver bore the brunt of a drunken rage as an intoxicated man stripped off his clothes and beat the cab with his belt.

It seems that a taxi driver was sitting in his cab at around 1 am when a group of intoxicated young men surrounded the vehicle. The taxi driver was unable to drive away and summoned police on his phone. One of the men took off his clothes and began whacking the cab with his belt. After they decided that the vehicle had been sufficiently punished and had learned its lesson, the group left the scene. Police apprehended the belt-swinging suspects a few blocks away.

That cabbie had a good story to tell his wife when he got home. Perhaps he even re-enacted it for her benefit.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Crazy. Thank you for sharing.


garyntboy said...

There's a similar sketch to that in 'Fawlty Towers' where Basil thrashes his car with a branch for refusing to start.

Roz said...

LoL, Strange ... wonder what lesson he thought he was teaching the car!


Unknown said...

Bad cab! The things people do while drunk.

Unknown said...

bottoms up

Terpsichore said...

thanks for sharing the story. it is a good reminder to drink moderately... naughty cab

Hermione said...

Joey - Very crazy!

Gary - I remember that episode.

Roz - We'll never know:)

TL - I hope he didn't use the buckle end.

Red - I'm pleasantly surprised that they reported it in the paper.

Terps - Or at least do your drinking at home so you aren't a danger to anyone.


ronnie said...

Wonder why he decided to take off his clothes and not just his belt.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - That's a very good question. Alcohol makes some people do odd things.


Kenzie said...

Lol, wow .. ohh alcohol. I wonder what he was thinking!

Enzo said...

LOL This is what we call "crazy drunk". Yes hopefully the cabbie re-enacted it for his wife's benefit as that would be an interesting story.

I once wrote a story about a spanking that takes place around a drunken taxi ride home. Hmm, to find that story....

Hermione said...

Kenzie - It must have been something kinky.

Enzo - Oh, I hope you find it and share it with us.


Enzo said...

Now I have to look harder for that taxi ride story.

(It does have some nonconsensual actions going on which I often wonder how people will react to those stories).