Sunday, June 23, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This was the most popular caption for the photo on  Now here are yours. 

Six of the best: Question. :Whats better than a 'cool drink on the rocks'. Answer. 'A knickers down good spanking on the rocks.'

Fiona: "That was such a naughty little girl," he scolded sternly. "Get in position on the rocks. You can pretend that your looking at something, but stand there until you feel three strong strikes."

Vfrat25000: I think I want to be a Marine Biologist

Harry your idea of jogging the beach in rubber wet suits really sucks

The view at this beach is WONDERFUL!

Oh Herman look at the that beautiful ocean
What ocean…Oh, that ocean…yeah it looks OK!

I wonder what the chances are of me giving that bottom a really good swat and then blaming it on a seal.

Hey pervert, why did you slap me on the bottom?
A killer whale was about to bite you and I scared it off

I am giving up my cello lessons TODAY. Sitting in a stuffy music room when beautiful bottoms like this one are roaming the beach is ridiculous

GaryNTboy: 'I tell ya, if that girl doesn't stop bending over like that, I'm gonna give her such a good smack with my yellow flipper'.

Bobbie Jo: My, my. What have we here? Hey, guys, may I borrow one of your flippers? I need it to make an impression.

Ronnie: "I don't care who's around. I told you if you splashed me again you'd get spanked, now bend."

Thank you to everyone who participated. Do come back next week for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart

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