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From the Top Shelf - Emily's Turn, Part 2

Here is the final part of the S.T. Rogers 'Victorian' trilogy. Last week, Emily began "doing the rounds" as her initiation into the household. Now the final test begins.

At ten minutes to three, Emily reported to the master's study. She rubbed her glowing bottom with one hand and knocked timidly on the door with the other. "Come in, Emily." She recognised the master's voice and he had used her name for the first time.

He was sitting behind his desk when she entered, reading one of his numerous ledgers and making notes therein. He looked up and noticed Emily standing by the door. "Come over here, girl - don't be shy."

Emily shuffled over to the desk, still rubbing her bottom and avoiding his eyes. Master Grimes told her to sit down and smiled gently when she did so, noting her discomfort as she rested her weight on her tender behind.

"I see you have visited Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour," he said.

She raised her eyes momentarily and looked at his face. She thought she might swoon; his handsome face was creased into a wicked grin and there was a twinkle in his eye. She stared at her hands which were clasped in her lap.

"Do you enjoy working here, Emily?"

"Oh yes, sir," she replied, "very much."

"And do you want for anything?"

"No sir, I have everything I need." She found the courage to look him straight in the eyes. "This is the best job I've ever had. I hope my duties are performed in a satisfactory manner, sir?"

"Yes, Emily, I am very happy with your contribution to the household. I shall tell the rest of the staff so when they arrive shortly. You are exactly the type of girl we need here and the fact that you were willing to do the rounds today is a testament to your suitability. Now, you have only one test more to undertake. Are you willing to undergo this final hurdle?"

"Yes, sir. I hope I may please you in whatever duty I have to perform," Emily said firmly.

"That's the spirit," Master Grimes said enthusiastically and rose from his seat. "I want you to stand here," he said, indicating the middle of the floor.

Emily stood where she was told.

"Now I want you to bend forward and clasp your ankles. That shouldn't be difficult for a healthy nineteen-year-old girl, eh? And one as pretty as you."

Emily returned his smile and did as requested. She found the position somewhat awkward initially and had to adjust her stance several times in order to maintain her balance.

A knock at the door was followed by the entrance of Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour. They exchanged pleasantries with the master for several minutes and then took their places at the side of the room. Master Grimes undid the buttons at the back of Emily's pantalettes and pulled apart the seams of the garment. He stroked the exposed cheeks of the girl's bottom and admired their angry red hue, complimenting the housekeeper and the butler on the thoroughness of their handiwork. He then went to his desk and took a short thin whippy cane from one of its drawers, brandishing the implement by its crooked handle and swishing it through the air several times with perfunctory coolness.

Susan knocked, entered and apologised for being late as the master approached Emily and stood directly behind her. He seemed unhappy with the position of her legs and ordered her to move her feet further apart which, with some difficulty, she managed to achieve.

"Well," he said eventually, "now that we are all present and Emily is in the correct position, I think we should get down to business."

Susan watched Emily closely as she awaited the kiss of the master's cane. She was reminded of herself when she first arrived at the Grimes household; a naive eighteen-year-old with a lot to learn about life. She was sure that Emily would cope as well as she had four years previously; she certainly had the right attitude to do so.

"This is a test of discipline, Emily," said the master, stroking the cane over the surface of her already reddened rump, "and I must ask you to be silent while punishment is administered. Any sound you make will detract from your performance of the test. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master," said Emily, apprehensively.

Without further ado, the master began to cane Emily's pretty bottom with firm, but not excessive, strokes; steadying her with his hand on the small of her back. Susan, Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour looked on impassively.

To her credit, Emily did not utter a sound, even after about five minutes of punishment. The master paused and rested his arm.

"You are doing well, Emily," he said.

Emily was determined to please Master Grimes; she held her leather ankle-boots tightly and when he continued her chastisement, she remained silent - apart from the occasional muted gasp or groan.

"The final six strokes, " said the master. "I want you to count them out loud and clear."

Susan and the others had a perfect view of Emily's well-decorated bottom as he administered the final blows. Her fiery cheeks were delightfully framed by the parted seams of her frilly white pantalettes.

With a final righteous stroke of the cane, Emily's punishment ended and she was allowed to stand and rub her scorching bottom. Master Grimes turned to the others.

"You may leave us now. Emily has passed the final test with flying colours and she deserves to be soothed."

Susan gave Emily an encouraging smile as she left the study behind Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour. At last Emily was alone with the young master. Her heart leapt when he put his arms around her and gave her a sympathetic cuddle, stroking her bare bottom with his free hand. She had often asked herself when it would be her turn. Now that time had come, and when the master produced a bottle of soothing oil, she hoped that her job in the Grimes household would develop into a long and satisfying career.

Sadly, that's all, folks.
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Great story Hermione, loved every bit and do so like a happy ending, aaah.
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From the start to the end has been worth the wait. A well written story thanks for sharing Hermione. Do you have any more along this line?

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