Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This photo proved to be a challenge, but many of you managed to decipher the hidden meaning.

Michael: The Queen Victoria Spanking Brigade practiced lap strengthening exercises while waiting for the countesses, duchesses and even princesses who had been naughty that week to report for their well earned royal spankings.

Geekie Kittie: The wheels on the bus go round & round.

Welcome, Geekie Kittie!

DelFonte: When the photographer asked them to be OTK, the group mistook 'over' for 'on'.

Baxter: From the guy on the left, "Yeah all of you are having fun, but I am the one that got spanked hard by my mistress last night and I am the one sitting on this wooden chair unable to squirm. Thanks a lot."

Leigh Smith: Knees ready and available for spanking. Maybe there should be a sign "Knees for Rent."

Bonnie: ...And so concluded the first meeting of the back scratchers club.

Ana: "Blast, George. Too many spankers and no one to spank."

Roz: Roll up, roll up. Choose your spanker.

Rollin: Lionel was quite uncomfortable sitting on Nigel's lap and feeling what was surely his rather erect member poking him in the crease of his trousers. It made him realize to his chagrin that they should have taken the photo first, THEN spanked the girls.

Vfrat25000: President Obama’s Healthcare Website development team celebrate their masterpiece the day before the nationwide debut of Healthcare.gov

George that better be a gun in your pocket!

Freddie "the Hands" Williams manages to mess up the first Porn Film Directors Association Group Photograph when he shaved his mustache and wore his blue suit instead of the gray one.

OK guys, this time Frank gets to make the sound like a train whistle. Next time it your turn, Charles.

A photograph of an ancient bachelor party before they invented strippers.

A. Lurker: Sausagefest?

Sir Wendel: Ed! That better be a cigar in your pocket.

Six of the best: Six of the best men, awaiting six of the naughtiest women, to give them 'six of the best, with a cane, on their bare bottoms.

Hermione: The earliest documented attempt at a human caterpillar.

Thank you to all who joined in. Have a happy and productive week, and do drop in anytime!
From Hermione's Heart


Anastasia Vitsky said...

The caterpillar one was cute. :)

River Wild said...

Interesting....I do wonder just what they were thinking with this one? Hearing "human caterpillar" led me to think about a gross horror film on Netflix called "the human cenitpede", my mind is not able to wrap around this one, lol :)

Hermione said...

Ana - thanks.

River - It was certainly a strange photo.


elle :) said...

Lol, it really is an odd photo. :)

Katie said...

These were fun to read, Hermione! Thanks for posting, as always! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Hermione said...

Elle - it is indeed!

Katie - It's always my pleasure.