Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Old-fashioned Values

This photo of a newspaper clipping from the 50s pops up on the internet from time to time.

Last week it was finally made into a motivational poster.

Oddly enough, the approval of spanking was tied to an American political movement known as the Tea Party.

Check out the comments about the picture, spanking, and politics on the Cheezburger site. You may even decide to add your own two cents to the conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Yes, by all means, if a woman needs to be spanked, she should be given one. Yes, where it does the most good. On her naked rear end. That to me is certainly an "old fashioned value". And a good one.

Hermione said...

Six - I quite agree.


Awedbymywoman said...

Although there's a sense in which this news clip is more the 'traditional' theory, often, people back then were kind of tight lipped about sexual things. And although spanking adult females isn't entirely sexual, there's definitely some connections. These guy's candor is what really cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I was brought up with the value that a real man never hit a woman for any reason. I never remember anyone talking about spanking their wives.

But, children were spanked all of the time. A parent was considered negligent if they did not provide cp to discipline children. My parents and teaches were not negligent when it came to cp.


Dragon's Rose said...

Well, I do think most politicians need to be spanked. Does that make me part of the tea party? Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who knew? A whole new marketing opportunity. I'm going to spring for a booth at the next Tea Party convention and sell books.

Cat said...

Hey Hermione...love the comments over on Cheezburger...seem to fall into two groups...spankos and those that are screaming that the Tea Party is trying to remove women's rights! LOL

I agree with Rose...all politicians deserve a spanking and no I don't mean a fun one! ;)


Aimless Rambling said...

I think all politicians deserve a trip to the woodshed too, and often.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

If a woman or a man needs frequent spanking for behavior, then don't care to be around them. At some point you have to take responsibility for your actions and control yourself. That's an old fashioned value too.

I am for sending the pols to the woodshed, but I don't want them coming back out.

Minielle Labraun said...

I agree with politicians needing spankings...and I am okay...lol...with 'some' of us getting spanked!

Kenzie said...

I'm interested to go check out the comments on this one. :)

Enzo said...

Why do I feel so at odds about this post?

On a serious note:
Do I believe there are women who need to be spanked?
Yes, there are plenty who would benefit from a bare bottom spanking!

Do I associate myself with the Tea Party and their beliefs?
Not in the least as to what people associate the Tea Party with.

Sadly as the comments on the other site help illustrate, this is why think it is so hard to come out to people about spanking.

On a not so serious note:
Do I believe in "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
regarding maintenance spankings and other spur of the needed moment spankings? Yes indeed!

Do I want to share the same opinion as the last guy pictured, sketchy looking toy factory owner Mr Davis?
Hell No!

ronnie said...


All our politicians need a good spanking.

Have heard of the Tea Party movement.


Roz said...

Very interesting campaign spin! Does this mean the Tea Party is made up of spanko's? LoL.

Have to agree also with politicians needing a spanking.


Anonymous said...

It is very funny how certain people try to label the TEA party. TEA stands for "Taxed Enough Already." It is a group of people that are loosely banded together around the idea that the govt is too big, wants to intrude into our daily lives too much, and will keep needing more money to keep getting bigger and intruding more. If you go to a TEA party event, you will see middle class Americans, that are polite, pleasant, and want to be left alone. There are also many libertarians involved in the TEA party. Many people that are opposed to the TEA party actively try to discredit it, by trying to ascribe thoughts and actions that they hope will cause people deride them; hence the attempt to connect the TEA party with spanking.

Malcolm said...

One very good thing about the Tea Party, that poster. Although I do appreciate Anonymous' comments, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. As a woman and a wife I do get the occasional spanking from my husband when he thinks I need one. I think women do need a good sound butt busting once in a while for sure. So I'm inclined to agree with these men in the article. It is old fashioned values that were prevelent probably when this article was done. Something I think our country is sorely lacking these days.