Sunday, November 10, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This stern lady brought out the best in you! Here are your captions:

Michael: Being late for his weekly maintenance spanking from Lucille was only making things worse for Fred, or rather for Fred's butt.

Our Bottoms Burn: If she is annoyed, it maybe because she thinks she is a princess. If so, she needs to be taken down a peg or two.  Interesting, I am a switch and so far the only one that thinks she is in need of spanking.

Ronnie: By the look on his wife's face, Percy knew what would be in store for him when they got home - he wouldn't be sitting down to dinner very comfortably.

Red: By the look on his wife's face, and her finger pointing to sit here, NOW!, Red knew that this drive home would lead him directly to her wooden hairbrush spanking his bare bottom.

A. Lurker: Cruising for a bruising?

Bobbie Jo:
   Laura: How many times have I told you to remember why this meeting is so important?
   Don: I'm sorry, honey. It's just that the big game was on and I couldn't stop watching.
   Laura: Well, mister football man, when we get home, you are in for a red bottom and a long corner time on that uncomfortable stool!

Leigh: I hate being kept waiting! I'll be using your belt when we get home.

Baxter: (To her husband) Young man, you get your sorry butt into this car right now and when we get home, you are going to be spanked hard with my special paddle and belt. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are sorry for being late and getting a bit drunk. YOU will be sorry when we get home and even sorrier when I get done thrashing your bottom.

Ricky: (To the car cleaning service) "You missed a spot!"

Vfrat25000: George, I really don’t care about your passion for your feminine side but I’ve asked you before, when we plan a fishing trip please leave the purse, the pink, car, white gloves and wool skirt at home. Now go put on your Budweiser hat and coveralls on; it's getting late

Karen looks like she found out her husband blogged their secret spanking pictures.

Who is that angry lady in the pink car?
That’s Jane our neighbor. She’s waiting for Betty from down the street. They like to dress up and play “Report Card Day” once in a while. Wait till you see Betty in her cheerleading outfit. I offered to be the headmaster but they weren’t interested.

WOW! Mrs. Adams looks pissed.
She is. She just found out her husband likes to spank and she’s been paying Antonio the pool boy to spank her for almost a year now.

Hurry up Frank. Its “Ladies Eat Free Day” at the Gut Buster Buffet and Greasy Rib Bar.
Dang Michael, may I say you look quite lovely today.
Shut up Frank, I feel ridiculous but free pork chops and barbeque ribs are worth it.

Sir Wendel: Dammit Francine, get your butt in the car. There’s no time for spankings now. Black Friday shoe sales starts in ten minutes.

Arched one: I don't care who will see, pants down now and kneel on the seat and lean over the back rest, you are in for a spanking.

GaryNTboy: 'And another thing! These seat backs just DO NOT match my handbag.'

Six of the best: "Because I have been driving my husband crazy lately. He has promised to spank my bare bottom".
Hermione: Charles could see that Gladys wasn't impressed with his latest gifts to her. The sales associate had assured him that polka dots and stripes went well together.

Anonymous: Get your bottom in this car now before I get out, pull down your pants and let everyone on the street see how you do the spanking dance. Do not talk back to me little man. We are already going to have a one-sided talk when we get home. You think I'm kidding? Just try me!

Thank you all for such entertaining responses. Be sure to join us for Love Our Lurkers Day on Tuesday, November 12.

And another thank you to those who fought for freedom.

From Hermione's Heart

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