Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sometimes I wonder about Ron's priorities.

Take last weekend, for instance. I was bent over the bed and he was giving my bottom some very emphatic attention with a thick leather paddle. I was past the initial, ouchy stage and was settling in to enjoy the thuddy slap of leather on flesh.

All of a sudden it stopped. "Sonofabitch!" I heard Ron exclaim.

"What's the matter?" Was my bum turning a strange colour? Had the paddle broken? Was someone watching through the window?

"The other light's out." I looked up and saw that the bedside table lamp on Ron's side was off, while the one on my side was on. Let me give you a bit of background here. A week earlier, the bulb in my lamp burned out. Ron had taken the lamp apart in order to replace the bulb and had spent a good half hour trying to put it back together again. It was only after I came to his rescue that together we succeeded in reassembling the lamp.

"Never mind about that. We'll fix it later."

He then said some unprintable words, followed by "That makes me mad!" He illustrated his point with a rapid flurry of swats on my bare bottom. Then he tossed the paddle aside and headed over to the lamp.

"Well, I guess we're finished," I said to myself. As I rubbed my bottom Ron rushed past me and headed to the basement to get a new bulb. I had to rub soothing lotion on my own bottom and put the implements away.

I dressed, went downstairs and busied myself in the kitchen. A few minutes later Ron appeared and proudly announced that the crisis was over and the bulb had successfully been replaced.

"It didn't even take you an hour and a half this time. I'm impressed." This last remark earned me a couple of hard swats. It was the least he could do after so rudely interrupting our session.

From Hermione's Heart


Awedbymywoman said...

Your bum shouldn't ever feel left out. You gotta pay attention to that girl's needs, and make sure Ron attends to her as well ;-) Funny story though, Hermione!

morningstar said...

I did smile at your disrupted's nice to know I am not the only one with a "distractable" male - sometimes just saying "squirrel" will do it (cheeky grin)

Anonymous said...

I loved that last part! I made sure I earned some yesterday. :) Funny how we become spankos... One day you just know you are and you just embrace it.

Hermione said...

Foothills - I was kinda surprised when he got distracted:)

Morningstar - Oh, look! Something shiny! ("Squirrel" works with the dogs.)

Sara - Embracing it is the difficult but important part.


abby said...

LOL....Cute story...sometimes it is amazingly frustrating the things that will distract them...
hugs abby

Unknown said...

Lol. I almost choked on my cereal when I read the part about him being distracted. It's always amazing what can distract them!

Anonymous said...


Very cute story.


Aimless Rambling said...

Have to laugh at his thought process and understand it only too well.

ronnie said...


How frustrating but you have laugh. Typical man.


Erica said...

LOL! Ron sounds a lot like John. Once during a spanking, I accidentally kicked over a glass of water. John stopped, pushed me off and ran to get a sponge. For crying out loud -- it was water, not red wine!

Terpsichore said...

cute story :-)

Hermione said...

Abby - Very frustrating!

Kim - No sense of what's really important:)

Joey - Thank you. I'm trying to write more about our personal relationship.

Leigh - You have a Ron clone, huh?

Ronnie - Very typical. Must be that Y chromosome.

Erica - Water? What's the big deal? It'll evaporate.

Terps - thank you.


Cat said...

LOL Hermione...cute story...hope you got what you needed. ;)


georgek said...

OMG, Hermione, that is so hilarious! I had to smile to myself as I read between the lines and can see just how much y'all love each other and how grand your relationship is. How else can you explain it?


Anonymous said...

Funny story Hermione, though I bet it was somewhat frustrating at the time.

I wish Michael would get distracted during a discipline spanking, but somehow he seems much more focused then.

geekie kittie said...

"SQUIRREL!" ... Dog from Up

Hermione said...

Cat - I will next weekend.

George - I like your interpretation.

Grace - Your man seems quite single-minded when it comes to discipline.

Geekie - Welcome!


Roz said...

LOL Hermione, this was so funny. Distracted by a light bulb? ... sheesh! I love your last comment and bet it earned you extra swats!