Saturday, November 30, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #411

Bonnie is away this week so brunch has been relocated north of the border to Canada. The topic for this week's discussion came to mind after Bonnie introduced  33 new spanking blogs in her latest In with the New post.

Does your spanking partner share your interest in reading spanking blogs? Does s/he have a blog too, or contribute to yours? Does s/he encourage your blogging experience and read your blog? Do you ever discuss what topics you may or may not talk about on your blog?

Please feel free to join in the discussion by leaving a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. I will publish an edited version of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to contribute.

From Hermione's Heart


Dragon's Rose said...

Dragon loves that I write and reads most of the posts I make. He has his own blog but really doesn’t have the time to write anything. He contributes to my blog in more ways than most readers realize.

Some blogs are detailed how to do this thing we do instruction manuals. Dragon thinks those are funny at best and that some of them are dangerous. Giving out advice that borders on abuse. If something sounds questionable to me, I show it to him. My Dragon is level headed and will tell me what he thinks. I haven't seen a how to blog yet that he would suggest to a new be.

Anonymous said...

My partner and friends do read my blog, I know because they talk to me about it. They do not, however, comment online, despite my requests that they participate.

My partner looks at stuff I show her and she does peruse the kinkier parts of the internet for her own amusement.

Michael said...

Great question, Hermione. My wife Season and I started our "Blossom and Thorn" blog together in her living room on one of my visits to Minnesota before we were married. At the time it was a way to stay more strongly connected before I relocated to Minnesota. Now that we are together Season has stepped back a bit from blogging but we still discuss and work together on all posts before they are published, and we discuss interesting posts we read on other blogs and usually at the top of the list is your "Hermione's Heart" and Bonnie's "My Bottom Smarts."

Unknown said...

My husband never reads spanking blogs on his own though if I point him to one he'll read it and we discuss. He has his own professional blog, but spankings have yet to be mentioned =). We don't have any guidelines on what can and can't be published, but I'd totally respect his wishes if he felt like something were too personal or his judgment if thought something weren't a good idea.

ashebridge said...

Geesh Bonnie, head out of town and leave the kids with Easy Mac! Don't you trust us with the oven?

I'm coming at this from a different perspective... my husband isn't my spanking partner and he doesn't read any of this stuff. He may have glanced at a bit once, though certainly not a second time. So for me the connection with my spankers-to-be is completely from the blogs. This is where it's all started for me.

JG said...

Does your spanking partner share your interest in reading spanking blogs? Does s/he have a blog too, or contribute to yours? Does s/he encourage your blogging experience and read your blog? Do you ever discuss what topics you may or may not talk about on your blog?

Yes, my husband reads spanking blogs. He didn't at first but he does now. He doesn't have a blog of his own, but posts on mine occasionally. In fact, just today I asked him if he'd consider commenting occasionally, because I love his perspective. He is very supportive of my blogging and reads every post. He very rarely makes a comment about what I may or may not post, but has asked me to remove pictures he found offensive, and whenever I post something that may cast him in a negative light (as in an argument we may have had or something) I always make sure he reads it and I ask if it's acceptable. In addition to telling me what not to post sometimes, he's also on occasion had me post as punishment; when I've gotten in trouble, he's had me confess to my readers what I did and how I was punished.

JG said...

Oops, sorry I was trying to quote the questions. It seems I was being sassy and threw the questions back at you lol

*Bonnie* said...

Great question! And Easy Mac? Lol

I would like for my husband would take more of an interest in my blog. He reads every post and will comment anonymously from time to time but never gives input or suggestions. He will also read posts that I find and email to him if there's something I want him to read. For the most part, blogging is my own thing he just sets the rules by which I blog.


Katie said...

Hi Hermione!! :) Nice of you to host the brunch! :)

Rob does not read the blogs, though on occasion I will read a post to him, or send him a link if he is interested in something that I have brought up. But in general he does not participate in that way. I will say that more recently he has expressed some curiosity about the comments that I have received on my blog. Which I find interesting.

The deal with me and my blog has always been that Rob reads everything first, before I post. In general, as he has gotten more comfortable with me blogging, he rarely asks me to make changes. A couple of posts ago, I had a sentence in there that he thought gave too much detail/should someone we know ever read it. I just took it out. So I do like him going over them for things like that. The benefit is, that he knows what is on my mind. That's a good thing with ttwd. Will he ever comment? Not at this time, but who knows in the future. :) Thanks so much, Hermione! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Beth said...

YS almost never reads spanking blogs other than ellee’s or mine. Once in a while I’ll link him to a post that I want him to see, and he’ll check it out but as a converted vanilla he’s not that interested in reading about spanking. However, he’s incredibly supportive of my blogging and reads and comments on nearly all of my posts. He likes that I blog and sees it as my creative space (especially since I started it long before I ever met him) and has given me carte blanche to write about whatever I want. This is probably why he’s always nitpicking my grammar/spelling after I post because 1) I never proofread, and 2) I don’t ever send him a post to preview.

I’ve been thinking about having YS contribute to my blog but we haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe one of these days?

bobbsroom said...

My wife looks at mine occasionally, probably to find out what i am getting up to :) and in the past has had a look around at a few others. May be to get a few ideas not really being into it her self or a natural submissive but she knows it turns me on so much.
I think she finds it quite interesting. Sometimes we look together and she asks me to explain something to her. Great question :):)



You know, I cannot think of one person that I know face to face, that reads blogs on a regular basis. I am talking about kinky and vanilla people.


Minielle Labraun said...

Hi Hermione!
My Scotsman will read something if I ask him to, or if I think he will find it interesting. He does not search out the blogs himself.
If I am able to I let him read before, but mostly I make sure it is something appropriate to post. I am very careful to write in a way that is respectful to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hermione!
Thanks for hosting!
My husband does not read or interact with the spanking community much.

He supports my blogging and writing, and will read something if I ask him to.

But he does not really have the spanking "itch" like I do.
Kinda stinks!

I would love it, if we could tag team on the blog, or chat with other couples.
Maybe some day!

Roz said...

Rick is very supportive of my blogging takes an active interest. He reviews each post before publication and takes an interest in the comments. He occasionally reads other blogs, but mostly it is ones I point out to him.

We have found the blog to be a good tool in our relationship as it gives him an insight into my point of view and my thoughts/feelings and has prompted many discussions.

ronnie said...

Hi Hermione,

Thanks for hosting this week's brunch.

P doesn't have a blog but is quite happy that I blog. Doesn't read it unless I ask him to. I sometimes send him a link to something if I know he'll find it amusing.


Country Spanker said...

My wife no longer blogs but she does have input into mine which is good as most of the posts are about her and feature her bum. She also loves reading any comments that we recieve. She takes an interest if I find great ideas on other blogs.

Terpsichore said...

Nope...hubby is happy that I have found a place to share and is supportive that I have this wonderful community of friends and he knows that I need that...but he himself has no desire to read or write himself. I have shared with him a few things...but unless I put it right under a nose, a simple suggestion will not get attention. :-) Thanks for hosting brunch fun! Hugs, Terps