Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This caption found on icanhascheezburger.com made me smile, but yours had me laughing out loud!

DelFonte: Wow! Your ass groove lines up perfectly with your ponytail!

Prefectdt: OK you stay in that position. I'll grease up my hand and we'll have that tennis ball out of there in no time.

Michael: -Touching toes
Check ✓

-Spine at 90 degree angle
Check ✓

-Crowd waiting in anticipation
Check ✓

"Okay, time for the penalty phase of your match to begin. Just let me lift your skirt and your winning opponent may commence."

Ami Starsong: The rules simply state "Knickers should not be worn"! Is that a thong I see?

Red: As you touch your toes, you wonder how severe this spanking will be to motivate you for the match! Instead of your trainer spanking you, your trainer is being spanked by the financier who pays for you to dedicate yourself to tennis, because of your previous inept performances. Soon, you will feel his wrath on your bottom.

Ronnie: This, what will happen. You bend, skirt will be lifted and he'll spank you. Simple.

Dragon's Rose: Do my marks show? I don't want anyone to know what we did last night.
Nope, the marks don't show. You are good.

Alex: "BAD EXCUSE! There is no such thing as a 'too soft' tennis ball when we try to reach perfection. Let me remind you how I always hit the ball or whatever is 'too soft' with FULL force, dear."

Oliver: You know my rules. You don't win a match, you don't get to keep your skirt or panties on for your spanking.

Welcome, Alex and Oliver!

 Vfrat25000: I see the TSA has taken over Tournament security.

Its brown, has about 8 legs and its crawling up your back. I’m not touching it!

Get me a Latte’, I’m hot, get me a wet towel, check my tan lines and make sure they are even! Give me 5 good swats on the butt with that paddle for motivation!
Her Assistant: I gave up a promising career at Bank of America for this? I’m an idiot!

Are you really a Chiropractor? The sponsors of this tournament have a history of being cheap. I’m pretty sure I saw you taking tickets at the front gate about 10 minutes ago!

What’s going on down there?
The Palm Beach Police Department is searching everywhere for the “Azure” diamond necklace that was stolen last night.
Oh! OK

Nope, no tattoo! It does NOT say NIKE on your lower back. I told you not to get your sponsor’s tattoo from a guy named Chuck who pushes his equipment around in a grocery cart.

Leigh Smith: Is that a handprint I see?

Six of the best: "I'll scratch your bare bottom, if you'll scratch mine."

Baxter: I love your upper buttcrack. Later I want to pull your skirt off and examine the rest of it over my knee while I spank your naughty bottom.

A. Lurker: "You may be a tennis pro but after that racket you are getting a spanking, young lady."

"You lost 15-love and I will love giving you 15 on your bare bottom!"

"Yes, she is wearing Spanx and no they are not regulation. Should we give her some regulation spanks to wear, instead?"

Sir Wendel: I told you the next time you break this zipper you were getting a spanking.

Bonnie: "Mixed Doubles? Is that what they call it these days?"

"Mindi's backcourt game has never been stronger."

Ricky: (The case of the missing tennis ball.)
No, it's not here.

GaryNTboy: 'No it's not true what the crowd says, you're not spineless.'

Thank you all for such creative and hilarious captions. Be sure to drop in next weekend for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

So much fun!
I loved this!!

bob said...

All great comments