Thursday, November 7, 2013

Right on Target


Target, the American discount department store chain, has finally come to Canada. In the past year, stores have opened in several major cities across the country. They offer an amazing assortment of merchandise, good service and excellent quality. The only downside is price. Cross-border shoppers have been disappointed to find that prices are much higher in Canadian stores than in their American counterparts for the same emrchandise.

What has this got to do with spanking? The iconic Target logo is now a common sight in the weekly newspaper flyers, so the concept of a bare bottom being a target for a spanker's hand is a logical association.

Ron's implement of choice for a recent spanking was one of his favourites: the wooden shoehorn.

It's loud, it stings like the dickens, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Ron started out with noisy whacks on my bottom, alternating left and right. Then he changed his approach and brought the wooden beast down across both cheeks at once. The rhythm altered as he applied two smacks to my reddening posterior, followed by one stroke across the tops of my thighs.

If there's one thing I hate more than the shoehorn on my bottom, it's the shoehorn on the tops of my thighs. I squealed and voiced my displeasure.

"Hey! You're outside the target area!" I complained. "You're missing my bum completely."

Ron ignored me and carried on with his up up down rhythm. I tried again.

"What's the matter, did you forget to put on your glasses? Do I need to draw a target down there?"

"No smart-ass remarks," Ron warned, and suddenly a flurry of hard swats landed on my thighs. Yikes! Bratting suddenly seemed ill-advised. I think he's found my Achille's heel.

From Hermione's Heart


garyntboy said...

What better implement to attack an Achilles heel than a shoe horn ? Good choice I think, ha ha.
Kind regards,

Katie said...

Ouch Hermione!!! Sounds like Ron could use a little target practice indeed!!! That shoe horn looks stingy. Sounds like you need to hide it!! Lol.

That stinks that they mark up the prices at Target in Canada. Anything to make a buck ! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Hermione said...

Gary - Very appropriate if I do say so myself.

Katie - He needs practice alright, but I'd rather he practised on something other than mu bottom.


abby said...

Yikes and OUCH indeed. I squeal when His had smacks my thighs. Maybe next time you can use some washable marker and draw the Target symbol on your bottom!
hugs abby

Daisy Christian said...

Youch. I hate the back of the thighs...I hate our paddle its awful gets both cheeks at once no problem....also I live in the states and don't shop at Target much. they are more expensive. then a lot of places

ronnie said...


LOL. I think Ron was right on target. I hate being spanked on my thighs.

Such a pretty shoehorn. Out of interest, what does it say on the handle?

The obviously can get away with charging higher prices in Canada.


elle :) said...

That does stink that they marked up the prices. Target is more expensive here! (I mean more expensive than Walmart). It's definitely not discount in my area! I wish! Lol :)

Aimless Rambling said...

I think the thighs should have a DO NOT TOUCH sign on them.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Nothing like a thigh fry.

Everything is more expensive in Canada than the US because the Canadian dollar trades at premium to US dollar. That's why Canadian's flock to Texas, Florida and Arizona during the Winter. It's cheaper and a LOT warmer.

Gasoline in Canada is US $2 more. Parking your RV is almost double what US parks charge.

Still it is beautiful country and I can recall when the exchange rate was the other way around. So bring your dollars and spend them in the US.

Hermione said...

Abby - I just might try that. It will get a laugh for sure.

Daisy - Really? I didn't know Target was more expensive than other places in the US.

Ronnie - It's Norwegian for "Only the one who wears the shoes know where they pinch". Here's the post about it.

Elle - Who knew!

Leigh - I wholeheartedly agree!

Bogey - Thigh fry - LOL!

Our dollars were very nearly the same a year ago or so. Yet books, magazines and cards always carried two prices.


DelFonte said...

Ever heard of a movable target? Ron certainly has :-)

River Wild said...

Hermione, bummer that he chose the thighs! That is generally a stay-away zone for us too, but the other day my husband decided I needed a lesson in who's in charge and decided to do JUST my thighs! I found that the less I protest, the faster it ends :) Maybe you could design some spanking shorts out of short leggings, just cut out the area you want him to target! Or maybe a temporary tattoo is in order.....

Callie said...


As for the Target issue…… We have that problem with any American store that comes to Australia….. It's actually cheaper to buy from the US store online and have things shipped than it is to go into the store for the vast majority of clothing items.


Anonymous said...

I agree that thighs should be totally out of bounds. It's just wrong! (But often used to bring a point home)

Baxter said...

my wife accuses me and I accuse her of missing the target on our bottoms when spanking. And oh yeah, she whacks my thighs pretty well. Since I am the spanko, I endure the paid because that is why I am bent over bare ass - because I want my loving wife to spank me and if I say anything wrong, she might stop and that could be more painful.

Roz said...

LoL Hermione. Ouch! Sure does look stingy and I love the writing on it. I think maybe Ron was trying to prove he knew where the 'pinch' was LoL. Sorry, couldn't help it :)


Hermione said...

DelFonte - I agree, he knows all about it.

River - I think that would work for me too. The more I protest, the more he knows just what annoys me and does the opposite of what I want.

Callie - That's amazing!

Janey - Ron often makes his point that way.

Baxter - It's hard to know how complaining will affect the spanker. Better not protest too much.

Roz - I think you may be right.


Terpsichore said...

ouch! :-) thighs should definitely be off hubby has bad aim...or his aim is perfect for what he is trying to achieve and I just don't like it. :-) Hugs