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From the Top Shelf - A Tale of Two Sisters, Part 2

Last week we started the story of A Tale of Two Sisters by Christopher James. If you missed it or want to refresh your memory, it's here.

Chris has given his cousin Rose her very first spanking while vacationing with her family. Will he get another chance? Read on to find out.

I couldn't wait for another suitable occasion. But I didn't have to wait too long. Only two days later Aunty Ada was annoyed at breakfast because Rose was doodling on the table-cloth with a pencil. When she tried to take the pencil away Rose, in a fit of petulance, threw it across the room.

"You can pick that up!" snapped her mother.

"No!" replied Rose

"Don't you say no to me, my lass!"


"You saucy little baggage! Now pick it up!"

"No, I'll not!"

To my amazement that was the end of the matter. Rose remained where she was, the pencil remained where it lay. In hindsight, I believe Rose was putting on a show for me, but in any event that was all the excuse I needed. When after breakfast I told Rose she ought to take another walk along the cliffs with me, she licked her lips and put her tongue out at me.

"Cheeky brat!" I said.

Her mother was in the kitchen and Nina had left the house. Rather pink in the face, Rose grinned and said slyly, "So I'm going to catch it again, am I?"

"Yes you are. The trouble with you is you're spoiled."

Surprisingly, she nodded. "My Mum's too soft. My Dad wouldn't've spoiled us. He was strict. He used to use the tawse." I was ignorant in those days. I knew all about the cane but I had never heard of a tawse.

"It's a leather strap split in two. So it's got two thongs. Gosh, it hurts like hell! My Mum's still got it."

"So why doesn't she use it on you?"

"Oh, she's too easy. She never touches us. Nor Nina when she was younger."

We took our little walk as far as the flat stone but we had to wait because there was another couple behind us. Once they were out of sight the countryside was quiet. The only signs of life were the wheeling, swooping sea-birds, a few cattle behind the dry-stone wall, and the distant short, urgent blasts from a destroyer that was leaving the River Tyne.

She came across my lap without a murmur and I pushed up her dress. She was still wearing the same type of navy school knickers. This time my hand hovered uncertainly - oh but those knickers were tantalising - and this time the temptation was totally irresistible. Rebalancing the weight of her soft, shapely body, I started to ease her knickers down gently, taking my time, giving her every chance to protest, but she merely turned her head, smiled, raised her hips to assist the descent of her underwear, and whispered "Ooooooooo - cheeky!"

I was feeling bold, bad and a little scared. Even if her mother found out there could be no question of her going to the police. But my imagination was overworked. Just supposing... This could certainly be called sexual assault and at that time youths could be sentenced to a birching, and that was a fearful thought.

The birch was a dreaded implement. To many people these days it sounds barbarous. Yet I sometimes wonder whether it was such a bad thing. It was a scandal in any family; it was utterly degrading, humiliating, and extremely painful. I doubt whether many offenders would go back for a second dose.

Even while the dire possibility of being flogged was running through my feverish mind, my pretty cousin was naked from the waist to the knickers around her thighs, and I was caressing her smooth white rear; very yielding but firm-fleshed. And obviously she was not finding the situation unduly embarrassing or shameful. That was the first time I had seen a girl's nether parts bare and I was trembling with licentious delight. Oh hell! Another couple were appearing in the distance. Hastily I bundled Rose off my knees. "There's someone coming!"

"Bloody hell!" she muttered. Pulling her skirt down to cover her knickers she squatted on the grass.

"You needn't swear," I admonished her.

"That word's nothing," she giggled.

"It is coming from a young girl. It's very naughty and you will be getting a few extra spanks for that."

We had to wait until the couple had passed us and were out of sight. Spanking a girl in the open is decidedly risky but we had nowhere else to go. There was no one else to be seen and Rose again came across my lap quite willingly. Indeed, I was amazed at her docility; at the time I certainly was an ignoramus. She wriggled, rubbing her thighs together as I fondled her uncovered hips, the plump, gorgeously enticing, rounded, satin-skinned cheeks and the inviting cleft...

Suddenly she giggled and turned her blushing face round. "Eee, man, you're cheeky," she said, "I can feel something sticking in me."

"What did you expect?"

It was embarrassing but there was nothing to be done about it, and Rose was not naive. Her thighs were writhing and I could feel moisture on my trousers. She was randy as hell! I said, "I'm going to do it really hard, this time."

"Oh I dunno about that, Chris. You really think I deserve it?"

"You damn well deserve it after that display this morning. You're bad tempered, disobedient and defiant. And you swear!"

After another good look round, I brought my open palm down good and hard upon the soft, fleshy side of her buttock. She winced. I slapped hard; she was wincing and crying out. I smacked with regular blows upon the sides and middle of her writhing nates. She was moaning and beginning to weep loudly.

SMACK! Oooooh! SMACK! Aaaagh! SMACK! I must have given her twenty to thirty really hard slaps. It was certainly a noisy affair but only a few cows were within earshot. Even at that stage it was a very strange business to my mind; I had given her a really good hiding.

When I stopped I twisted her over so that she was sitting on my thighs. I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and dabbed her tears away. She wriggled a little, her skirt still rucked up to the top of her thighs, then sat, totally unconcerned by her immodesty, for her knickers were still round her knees.

"I'm goin' to tell Mum," she whispered reproachfully," You bloody hurt me!"

"And I suppose you are going to tell her about the way you're sitting on my lap showing me everything you've got?" Well, in for a penny in for a pound! I simply could not resist lightly touching the softness within the little pubescent triangle of brown hair. It was wet and tempting - but I refrained from any actual sexual interference. I was pretty certain she would not dare say anything about this to my aunt.

Nor did she - but I had a shock when I talked to Nina on the following Sunday afternoon.

Nina had started her summer holiday, my aunt had gone to Newcastle, and Rose was in her bedroom, leaving me and Nina alone. We were lying on the hearthrug... I began to pat her bottom. "Nooo" she whispered. Putting her hand up behind her she grasped my hand and pulled it up around her waist.

"I only want to touch," I protested.

"No, Chris, I'm taking no chances after what I've heard about you," she said with a sly grin. Then she gave me the shock of my life. "And who said you could spank our Rosie on her bare bum?"

For a moment I was taken aback then I muttered guiltily, "She told you about that?"

"Course she did. We're sisters. We tell each other everything, me and Rosie."

"Oh but she let me do it."

"Mmm. Taking her drawers down and walloping her bare bottom?"

"She agreed she deserved it."

"Don't worry, Chris, Mum won't find out."

Does Nina want to be spanked too? Would she enjoy it as much as Rose does? All will be revealed in Part 3.

From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

LOL Hermione...I do believe Nina wants a bare bottom spanking also. Thanks for sharing...looking forward to part 3. ;)


Roz said...

This is a wonderful story Hermione, although still not sure about the cousin thing lol. Thanks for sharing.

Yep, I think Nina wants a spanking too. Looking forward to part 3!


Anonymous said...

This is almost a cliff hanger. Waiting for part 3. I think both of them like to be spanked and probably at the same time.

ronnie said...


I think Nina will come around to waiting her bottom spanked as well.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to part 3.


Hermione said...

Cat - I think she does too, or at least she is curious.

Roz - It's not uncommon for first cousins to marry in many parts of the world. So spanking is probably not taboo either.

Arched one - Both together? I hope Chris is up to it:)

Ronnie - Quite possibly.


Aimless Rambling said...

I think I can't wait for Part 3.

Hermione said...

Leigh - You won't be disappointed:)


Anonymous said...

A nice stort originally in Janus a spanky magazine in England ,best,Tim.story.