Saturday, February 8, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Now that's a mighty instrument! Here are your captions.

Measha: Wow, this bow would cause some serious welts. I better be sure not to let the husband see this!

Foothills: Hey down there! I'm holding this big booty in place for you, so spank away with that stick thingy you have!

Sir Wendel: I can’t wait to have my husband Brandenburg my behind with this tonight.

Ronnie: Did he say I should play "Spank my Booty" or spank my booty?

Katie: This instrument better be tuned to perfection - or someone will be singing a tune of her own!

Mike Roby: Wow. No wonder Nero never called 9-1-1.

Mr Kong's interns were delighted that he chose to give up the piano in favor of the violin.

Welcome, Mike!

Sunnygirl: This picture just reminded me of my dad. He used to play that instrument and I remember him dragging it around.

Rollin: Mary, when you said your violinist friend Armand had big hands, I had no idea!

Six of the best: For me, it's music to my ears, when I hear a naughty woman's painful outcries of "Ooh" and "Ouch" coming from her lips, as her bare bottom is being caned.

Prefectdt: The Borrowers attempt at starting an Orchestra was proving more difficult than they had originally anticipated.

Hermione: Gladys played second fiddle to no one.

Thank you all for participating. Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to stop by for brunch.

From Hermione's Heart


Katie said...

These were all very clever and fun to read!! Thanks Hermione ! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry I missed this edition of CtC. My caption would be "Size matters."