Saturday, February 22, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This was my favourite caption from Now here are yours:

Ricky: Oh, no! The poor kids!

Well, no doubt the ice cleaner missed a few spots.

Don't you just love all the athletes' dedication in doing their best? They are all winners!

Leigh Smith: He'd do anything to get a sneak peak.

Autumn: My hand is going to dance on her bottom tonight after *this* ice dancing routine.

Rollin: That was supposed to be a triple Lutz but you've turned it into a triple klutz!

GaryNTboy: Including the 'face sit' into their routine was always going to be a risk, but they do so enjoy it!

Pearl Necklace: You wanted to go for 'Golden SHOWER' right?

Welcome, Pearl!

Ronnie: Even though this was a practice session, Mary and John knew they were in for a spanking from their coach.

Prefectdt: Their idea of playing Twister on ice might have worked better if they had waited until they were sober.

Michael: Oh, I see you have a Brazilian! Nice.

Baxter: No I am not face sitting on the ice right now, you idiot. But you will be standing in the corner with a red bottom when we get back to the room.

Sir Wendel: Holiday Door Busting Sochi Style.

Houston switch: Good thing its just warm ups.

Six of the best: The male skater says, to his female partner, "That fall of yours cost us that Olympic gold medal. So as a reward, tonight you can expect a blushing red bare bottom from me."

Vfrat25000: I guess hiring a temp doesn’t work so well in skating

Jayne, finish the routine. The free hot dogs will still be there.

I see England, I see France, I see Juliet’s underpants.

That is one very persistent up-skirt photographer.

Dang girl. All I said was “From this angle that skating outfit makes your ass look fat."

Watch those skates, Pretoria!!! They could cut off part of me I prefer not to lose.

Dr. Ken: During the warmups, when Dmitri told her he'd spank her mid-ice if they didn't win the gold, Katia decided to get the heck out of there!

Every one of these captions deserves a gold medal!

From Hermione's Heart

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