Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 16

This week's topic was spanking videos. Here's what you said:

Bonnie: We own some spanking videos. Some I like and others I don't.

I tend to prefer videos that feature couples, are not brutal or graphic, and include at least grudging consent. I particularly enjoy watching my spanko friends' videos.

Maybe a few spanking videos might qualify as pornographic, but those aren't the ones I watch.

CurtisG: I have several spanking videos on my computer. I like the ones that are not severe. I particularly like ones where those involved are enjoying. And I like some that are role play, again when the play is not severe. In my spanking life, I'm not into punishment and discipline, but that theme without extremes can be stimulating.

Katie: For me the whole spanking act is very intimate and private, so I'm pretty sure that the videos aren't for me. I saw one once on the web when I was clicking some links and I was more curious back then. I don't really have a desire to watch others being spanked. Never say never though!

Everyone is different so I am sure that there are many who do enjoy. I don't consider them porn though. I suppose that they could be part of it though, in some videos.

Six of the best: I do watch on occasions spanking movies. Some I like, some I don't. I consider NO sexual erotic movie to be pornographic, if an adult person is watching it. I am an advocate of free speech, so I am against any form of censorship.

Smuccatelli: I do like spanking videos, but primarily "role play" ones. And nothing too severe (no whippings or real beatings or extensive damage to the spankee's buttocks), not my scene. I don't consider them to be pornographic, unless they actually are (explicit nudity or actual, one-camera sexual activity). If you're gonna watch porn, watch porn...

houston_switch:  I enjoy watching spanking movies... usually M/f involving some infraction which needs redress. will do in a pinch.

little: I have never seen a spanking video. I have watched pornography (the explicit display of sexual activity and sex organs). If a spanking video shows the activity in this way then it is pornography in the strictest definition. As consenting adults, I think we have to be careful to remove the emotive power that is popularly given to the word pornography. It is just a word that describes an act. It is perhaps the nature of the pornography that should be examined. Is there consent? Is it legal? These are the only important questions to ask - In my opinion only.

 Welcome, little!

Downunder Don: Spanking movies confuse me. The professional ones are well made with good production values, but no matter how much they try they just look fake.

However the "so called" amateur home movies done by the bloggers themselves are so much more real. Where there is a story attached they don't feel like porn, just a nice exhibitionist expression and hopefully some fun.

Welcome, Don!

PK: I haven't found any I like yet. Most seem to lack any suggestion of a story line. He'd spanking away, it gets boring, she has a stupid smile on her face the entire time while pretending it hurts. I'd like to see one with a story line and a real spanking if anyone know of one.

Leigh Smith: I like to see spanking in a movie, not a spanking movie. Spanking just for spanking doesn't do a thing for me.

Michael: I was never a big spanking video kind of guy. I always preferred the written word, and now with such a talented plethora of authors the selections are vast and of high quality. I would watch spanking videos more at the times when I didn't have a spanking partner so now that I am married to Season there is even less of a need. That being said every once in a while I do get the yen and watch one.

I don't consider spanking videos pornographic as long as they don't go over the line and depict true degradation and abuse.

Ni Na: I have never watched a spanking video, and so far they don't appear interesting for me. Maybe it is because I don't like watching others being spanked, since I think this should be between two partners in love. But I have seen a few spanking scenes in mainstream movies and could enjoy them.

Whether spanking movies are pornographic or not I don't know, maybe that depends on whether it is just spanking or other things are happening too.

Bogey: We have only seen 2 or 3 pro ones that revved either of us up. They are normally based on some contrived discipline which is a turn off for us. We recently one by Pandora that was playful,  and an amateur one here.

Ronnie: Have watched spanking videos in the past and most I didn't really like. The ones I watched definitely weren't pornographic.
Some of the recent spanking videos made by friends here in the community I've enjoyed.

Es May: I saw a couple of punishment videos posted on a blog once, of real punishments, but other than that, no, have not watched. Because of that, I don't really know the genre, so don't really know what they are like. If they were like a regular movie that had spanking in them like McLintock, then I'd be okay with them, and probably enjoy them. But if they were purely for spanking fun, I'd probably find them too much for my tastes.

RONJON: I love spanking videos, like those put out by Most have a story line in them,
where the girl is always misbehaving. What I don't like is some of these sites where the women are really beat badly. Do these women enjoy this kind of beating or are they getting paid for the whipping? Anyone know?

It depends. In most cases, it is consensual and the women have agreed to it. If they are professional spanking models they are being paid. Possibly some enjoy it too. If it's non-consensual, then that's another matter.

Baxter: I have from time to time viewed spanking videos and typically have tried to find F/M ones. But in reality, I prefer spanking fiction stories that leave it to the imagination as to what is going on. I have also written my own spanking fiction. I also like still photos of actual people doing the spanking, not made up pictures by companies trying to make money.

D: Most videos are not convincing; a naked lady gets her backside slapped or paddled for some time until it is red, usually I suspect from make-up. The good ones should start with why she is getting spanked, and the lead up to it; then her dismay when she realises she is to be spanked; putting her in position; adjusting the pose to give the spanker the best access to the target; baring the target or not; the actual spanking; getting up to attend to her smarting rear, and finally having to sit down on her sore rear end. That makes a video!

Prefectdt: I do have a small DVD collection that I am proud of and do, from time to time, join the odd site, for video downloads.

Videos that feature female tops can sometimes be a turn on and therefore potentially pornographic to me. Although I do find the women hotter if they are appropriately dressed (don't ask why, we might need a psychologist to work that one out).

I do also watch clips with my favourite spankees in them. This is not at all pornographic, it's more that I like being a fan and appreciate a good performance from those on the receiving end.

River Wild: Yay, I finally made it in time to join in! My Sundays have been hectic lately so I've missed the last few. When I first realized my interest in spanking it never occurred to me that there might be videos of people getting spanked. I stumbled upon a few years ago while searching for stories to read, and it blew my mind. I would have to agree that most of the professional videos aren't any fun since they are not natural looking (the acting) in any way. There are some really great homemade ones however, showing real discipline meted out.

I guess when I posed this question I should have said "do you watch for instructional/curiosity reasons or for pleasure?" I didn't realize that the word pornography would have negative connotations, so sorry about that. I like watching the real discipline so I can compare and commiserate, and know that I'm not the only one who squirms and howls and has trouble holding still :-)

There are also a few hot ones where the one being spanked is loving it, so I watch those for fun once in a blue moon. I don't really consider them porn, but it wouldn't bother me that someone else might. Thank you Hermione!

Hermione: We don't own any since they are difficult, if not impossible, to purchase in Canada. I do watch them from time to time on the internet. I prefer them to have some sort of storyline, along with some humour. Like Bonnie, I enjoy watching videos made by my spanko blogging friends. But on the whole, I prefer written stories to pictures or videos.

I don't consider spanking videos to be pornographic unless they depict sexual acts, or include exposure of the naughty bits.

That was a stimulating discussion! Join us again next weekend for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart


Dragon's Rose said...

I find it hard to watch someone else get spanked. It will make me cry faster than anything else! But I have found a few spanking videos I liked. Few and far between.

Anonymous said...

They are good if made well ,best,Tim.