Monday, February 10, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 9

This week's topic was words or phrases we use for spanking. Here's what you said.

Dragon's Rose: "Do you need some help with that?" It could mean that I am getting close to crossing a line. Dragon may have noticed that my temper is starting to slip or that I just need to de-stress.

Those words usually solve the problem. I know what comes next.

Baxter: If in public, my wife says 'you know what is going to happen when we get home.' Privately, she will say you will be spanked when we get home.

Dan: In private, she usually does refer to it as a spanking. In something like a text or email that someone might see, she may say something like, "You are in for a session tonight."

Autumn: We NEVER talk about it in public, so it's always spanking for us!

Welcome, Autumn!

Arched one: In public R would say would you like to dance tonight. referring to the spanking dance I do at times. In private she will say does your bottom need attention. When I hear that I know a spanking IS going to happen.

Dr. Ken: "Spanking" is a special word in and of itself. No reason to call it anything else...

Joey: Sometimes, I will say, "We need to have a conversation." Often, I will refer to it as play. But, I do use the word spanking a lot.

Bogey: In the beginning, we barely said the word, public or private. For the last two decades in the company of friends, either of us might say something along the lines of, do I need to take you home and spank you?

We have no idea if they take us seriously or not, but the remark gets all the attention of saying that rain is forecast for next two days.

Sara: I can't think of a time he has mentioned it in public except once and he said it directly in front of his father. Something like, "Do you need a spanking?" His father took it seriously but SM didn't spank me then. We laughed it off like it was a joke. I would have been mortified if he had done it with his dad there!

Ronnie: Privately we use the word spanking. In public or if were with friends, no need for words its the look he gives me and I know I'm in trouble.

Prefectdt: No special name recently but when I first started with adult spanking, way back in 1985, the little group of people that I knew used to call it Corporal Punishment Role-play, Shortened to CPR. I am not sure if it was because CPR became associated with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or that it was a term only used by that group but it is a term that I have not heard since I went away to College in 1987.

Es May: I don't know that spanking has come up with us when we are out of the house. So we always just say spanking, or toasting, or what have you.

Ni Na: If in public, he'd start with a stern look at me and I also know that a spanking is due when he squeezes my had tightly. Otherwise we don't talk about it in public. In private it's spanking, toasting, you are in for it, cruisin' for a bruisin'. If he says something like we need a serious conversation or some similarly official sounding phrase, I know there is big trouble.

Buttwed: In public the possibility of punishment is with a look and sign language of a slightly swung open palm. Bustin' and paddling are the terms used at home as to us a spanking implies using the hand and implements are always liberally and painfully applied to my lower cheeks. Paddles away.

Jenny: I like the one from Anonymous, "Would you like to dance tonight?" idea! No one would suspect a thing, but I'd certainly know what he meant, and it's really cute! :)

I also like Joeyred's "We need to have a conversation". That has a little more serious tone.

I like that Our Bottoms Burn can say "do I need to take you home and spank you?" in front of friends without anyone thinking the speaker is serious.

We don't ever speak of spanking in front of anyone, so we haven't developed any special codewords. But I'll certainly try to remember some of these in case I need them.

I have had two men say something along the line of "I should put you over my knee" or "Put that away or I'll have to spank you" (when I tried to pay for my part of an inexpensive meal). In that second case, his wife was with us. The couple are both friends of mine. Makes me wonder what goes on with them, but it may just be that he sees me like one of his kids (his son is my age and went to high school with me). As for the man making the "knee" comment, I wonder if he really is into spanking. One day he did tap my bottom. He is a friend, too, who I might have dated at one time but now I know we are not long-term compatible. One day I will manage to ask him if he really spanks women.

Bonnie: I don't raise that topic in vanilla situations, but Randy does. He has a variety of euphemisms, many of which are not pre-arranged. When he uses words like readjustment, recalibration, or realignment, it probably means a very sore bottom for me.

Autumn: Haha, Bonnie, Randy sounds like he's working on a car! And Prefectdt, I can only imagine the looks we'd get if my husband asked if I needed CPR.

Six of the best: I have said on occasions to woman that I have spanked, "It's time for your knickers to come down my lady. Knickers down. Without a frown".

Katie: I just get that raised eyebrow thing, Hermione. I KNOW I best clean up my act or perhaps go otk later! Today I tracked a bit of snow around my MIL's place by accident. Rob announced out loud, "TROUBLE!" LOL! We have lots of fun with it too.

Sir Wendel: I normally tell her she is getting “a licking” or “her butt tanned”. She tends to go with “someone needs a whip’n”. In public you would have no idea we are into spanking.

Hermione: Ron will usually use the word "whuppin'" instead of spanking. I alway say "spanking" because, as Dr. Ken pointed out, there's no other word quite like it.We never talk about it when other people are around; it's strictly for private conversations.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this weekend's brunch. See you all next time!

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