Monday, February 3, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 2

Who shops for the undies worn during a spanking? Here's what you said.

Six of the best: Personally I like the word knickers, when I am addressing a naughty woman. Such as asking her to take her 'knickers down'. I have asked some women, if they could wear 'directoire knickers', these being old-fashioned knickers. I LOVE to PULL them DOWN, off her bottom.

Dragon's Rose: Dragon picks out all of my panties. He picks out what looks comfortable. Occasionally he will pick out a matching set. My favorite part about spanking is watching him push my panties down. It sets the stage for fun. Now if he dresses me in old fashioned split bloomers, I know to expect a much longer scene. He pushes the fabric aside and frames my bottom in ruffles and lace.

Dr. Ken: Back when I had a regular partner, she picked out all her own clothing, including underwear. It was mostly normal, everyday stuff. She didn't need to buy special "spanking" underwear since it inevitably just wound up warming her ankles anyway...:-)

Baxter: No briefs for me. My wife instructs me firmly to bare my bottom and assume the position. I have thought about getting briefs that say 'spank me' on the back, but no idea where to get them. OR I take a pair of my briefs and a magic marker and write it on the back. I bet my wife would take it as an invitation to spank harder, not a bad result.

Bogey: We have always enjoyed shopping together for panties. We have been looking for some with polka dots for several months with no success. Bacall's fav pattern to wear when she needs a spanking.

Sir Wendel: I bought her a couple of flowered panties that I like her to wear when I spank her but most times they come down anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Ni Na: Hubby and I go and buy my clothes together, underwear included. But this is not really connected to spanking, because I am usually naked before the spanking starts.

Minelle: I buy my own, although he loves my red lace boy cut panties! Often though he just says,"get these off" as he yanks them down and off.

Measha: The undies are never part of spanking. If I do manage to get into position without him noticing that they are still on, he simply removes them at that point.

The only time I wear "special" panties is when we go to a play party or event dungeon. I don't always get nude at those events and wearing pretty panties makes me feel sexy.

arched one: I buy all my panties online as I can't find what I or the Mrs. wants in stores. I actually wear them 24/7 as I feel they are more comfortable. I do have 3 pair of red panties and these are called my spanking panties. Prior to spanking I shower and put on my spanking panties and wear them until she feels it's time to spank me. She loves to see me in them, but when spanking time comes they usually go down to my knees or are removed by her. Spanking is always done on the bare bottom.

Normandie: Naked booty. No panties required. Lol

Welcome, Normandie!

Ronnie: On occasion P has come with me to choose knickers and bought me a fair few pairs over the years but I much prefer to go on my own without him and surprise him. To be honest I spend more time choosing knickers for spanking than I do with clothes.

D: S gets most of her own knicks unless I find her some exotic ones on line, however she rarely gets spanked on them. I am more than happy to spank her curvy bottom clad in a tight skirt or jeans, but once they are out of the way, it's straight to bare bottom, as I just love tugging her knicks down to her knees to reveal her gorgeous bottom for my waiting palm. When she is well bent over, her knicks make an untidy wedge between her cheeks; they are not protecting her bottom, so I get rid of them!

Prefectdt: The only special undies that I have ever purchased specifically for spanking are man thongs, so that on the bare is possible without my boy bits being out and about. I have always gone to buy these on my own.

Hermione: I buy my own panties, usually when my favourite brands are on sale. My bottom is bared before the spanking begins so they play no part in the proceedings. Sometimes I leave them on, just to see what will happen. Ron will then pull them down before starting.

Thank you for those revealing responses. Remember, if you have a topic you would like to discuss at our weekly brunch, let me know by leaving a comment here or by emailing me.

From Hermione's Heart


Enzo said...

Sorry l missed the brunch, but great question!
Panties are a huge part of spanking for me. Seldom is there a direct to bare spanking. It is all a process; over the skirt first, then well warmed up over panties and concluding with on the bare.

In most cases, I am the one buying the panties. I will leave out which panties for her to wear in the morning or she will sometimes choose certain panties if she is aware of being in need of some corrective attention.

River Wild said...

Oops, missed the deadline! My husband has a deep love of panties, so most of my spankings are over panties. He loves all types and colors, so I just buy a variety. It would be fun to go shopping with him though :)