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From the Top Shelf - A Tale of Two Sisters, Part 3

Now for the third and final installment of A Tale of Two Sisters by Christopher James. In part 1 Chris gave his cousin Rose her first spanking and to his surprise, she liked it. In part 2 Rose received another punishment and told her elder sister about it. We were left wondering whether Nina was also interested in corporal punishment, so let's find out!
During my second week there, Rose had another furious breakfast row with her mother which resulted in an egg being knocked to the floor after an altercation which also involved Nina. Again her mother refrained from any physical response, but maybe my Aunt Ada was more in tune than we thought. "Cheeky young besom!" she said angrily, "Somebody should give you a good smacked bottom!" It sounded like an open invitation and Nina and I exchanged glances across the table. Unexpectedly Rose suddenly had an attack of contrition. "Sorry I was so rude, Mum," she muttered. "I'll clean up the mess!"

She didn't believe that was going to save her bottom, surely!

Having done the washing up, my aunt, probably glad to get out of the house for some peace and quiet, said she was going shopping and why didn't the three of us go to the beach? But this was not part of anyone's plans for the immediate future.

"I suppose I'm getting another spankin'?" Rose licked her lips, almost smiling.

"You can count on it," I answered. "Using that language to your mother! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"I am, Chris, I'm sorry. It just comes out."

"You're still going to get a damn good hiding!" I said, and suddenly I was becoming ambitious. "Rose, where is that tawse you mentioned!"

"Noooo!" For the first time there was fear in her voice.

"Oh yes," said Nina with wide eyed enthusiasm, " that's what she'd ve got from our Dad. It's in Mum's wardrobe." With obvious growing excitement, she said. "Bet you've never seen a tawse, Chris. I'll go and fetch it."

"Noooo," Rose cried, her eyes wide. "He's not touching me with that!"

"You'll get what just what you deserve, " I said. "Now get upstairs!"

It was up to Rose. I could do nothing against her will but, to my joy and thundering excitement, she didn't argue, just sniffled and walked slowly upstairs. I followed her into her bedroom, and Nina entered, carrying an implement I had never seen before.

"This is the tawse, Chris." She proffered it and I grasped it curiously.

It was brown leather, pretty thick; although not limp like a belt, and heavier than one, its two thongs bent quite pliantly between my hands. This, I thought, was a splendid instrument. But - was I going to be permitted to use it? I thought it was likely that the culprit might not be entirely averse to another spanking, but with this formidable piece of leatherware? I noticed that Rose was eyeing it, unsmiling but with a strange expression, almost of fascination; she flinched when I brought it hissing down with a crack on her bed. I could try anyway - who could tell, with a strange ambivalent creature like Rose?

"How long do you think your Mum will be, Nina?"

"Oh, a good hour. She's pretty slow, shopping. Chris, are you going to give our Rosie a good tawsing?"

"Nooo," said Rose again, pleadingly. "Spank me, Chris. Oh God, I don't want the tawse. I've not had it since poor Dad died. It's awful!!"

"It's just what you're going to get, my girl!" I said, boldly.

Rose tried a desperate ploy. "If I'm going to get it so should our Nina. She hit me at breakfast, twice."

Nina paled. "Not on your life!" she said hurriedly. "I'm not being beaten!"

"But you think Rose deserves it?"

"I do. She chucked that egg on the floor!"

"But you did hit her twice. Come on, Nina, one stroke of the tawse for each blow. It's only fair."

I perceived that Nina was in a quandary. She undoubtedly wanted to see her sister thrashed, but she clearly feared for her own bottom. After an agonising pause she finally said "All right, but only two strokes."

How did this thing compare to a cane? I made a wild guess. "Six strokes for you, Rose." My heart was pounding as I waited for a reply. If she refused at least she would take a spanking. Nina suddenly tittered, she was staring at the tumescence thrusting through my trousers. I felt hot all over with appalling embarrassment. "I can't help it," I mumbled. There was nothing I could do about it.

"Ooooooo you are a bad lad, Chris!"

"Well how do you expect me to react," I demanded, "thinking about thrashing the bare bottoms of two pretty girls?"

"Oh nooo. I never said bare bottom. I wouldn't dare risk it," she gasped. "Just look at the state of you and before any girl is naked!"

"Come on, Nina, " I said. "Surely you're not a coward! Your little sister, two years younger, is going to take six on her bare bottom and you won't even take two?"

Still she hesitated. The difference between these two was becoming increasingly apparent. I still could not understand it, but although she was clearly scared, Rose got a real thrill out of being whacked on her bare bottom, whereas to Nina it was merely a painful punishment and horribly embarrassing. Yet her prurient interest in her sister's chastisements, and her encouragement to me to punish Rose, showed that she too was affected by the same strange tastes.

"Come on, Nina," said Rose encouragingly," just keep your thighs together. If you won't do it, I won't!"

"Oh, all right," she grudgingly conceded. "I'll get my knicks down - but only two strokes, Chris. And no touching me!"

Red-faced, I promised. "We'll get yours over first, Rose. Take your knickers down - or are you wearing cami-knickers?"

"Cami-knickers. Er... undo me," She turned her back. God, she intended to get undressed! This was getting better and better. I unbuttoned her dress and she shrugged out of it, letting it drop to the floor. Her waist-slip followed. She wore no stockings and her legs were tanned - as that so provocative rump was going to be. To my joy, she unlooped her cami-knickers and stepped out of everything. She stood, nude except for her bra. She was adorable...

"Now," I ordered. "Bend over. Right over!"

Obediently, she swung right over and stood with her fingertips just touching her toes, legs a little way apart. I couldn't understand her. It was a very humble and abasing posture and grossly indecent in front of a boy who already had a painfully stiff erection. I could see everything she'd got. She was completely wilful, apparently getting a kick out of lewdly exposing herself in front of me and her sister.

Only six strokes but that was doubled with two thongs. I knew I certainly would not have wanted to take her punishment. I intended it to hurt. I brought that vicious tawse fairly sizzling down...

Rose gasped loudly as the leather swished and cracked squarely across her taut, resilient bottom cheeks.

Again the wicked instrument fell with an explosive report, the two thongs flattening themselves, biting into girlish buttocks. The girl winced loudly and her body jerked.

WHAP! "Owwwww" It was a throaty quavering cry and Rose jerked upright. "Oh God, Chris, please no more!"

"You're getting three more. You're bad tempered, foul mouthed and disobedient! You'd better lie across the bed!"

Rather to my surprise, because she could have refused, she obeyed and lay with her behind curved over the edge of the bed. It was glowing deep red and she was weeping quietly, with short, quick, indrawn breaths.

Again I raised the tawse, held it high and brought it swishing down with all my weight behind it. She uttered an agonised yell and her whole body twisted.

WHAP! "Oh,oh,ohhhhhhhhhh!" She was now crying piteously and I was breathing hard.

She shrieked at the final blow, squirming onto her side then went back onto her tummy and her hands went behind her, squeezing the reddened skin, which was swelling into broad weals. After a moment she stood up, slowly and stiffly... Her mouth was wide open, her face bore an expression of anguish. Tears were trickling over her cheeks and her hands were still clasped to her bottom. I suspected that she had derived little if any pleasure from that thrashing.

Not so her older sister.Nina was standing with a glazed expression, her breathing fast and light, her cheeks pink with pleasure at the sight of her sister's whipped bottom. I broke the spell.

"Right, Nina. Your turn. Two whacks."

Nina came out of her trance, her face suddenly pale. She looked very scared. "I-I don't want to... I-I've changed my mind."

"Oh Nina," Rose wailed. "You must. You promised. Look what I suffered."

Nina bit her lip. "All right. I suppose I have to. But I'm not undressing like Rosie. I'll just take my knicks down."

She pulled her underpants down and let them drop, pulled up her skirts and without being told, bent over and gripped the edge of the bed. I gazed, enraptured, at that sublime posterior, the deep shadowed cleft large and magnificently rounded - sheer poetry. God, how I wished I could caress her bottom cheeks; I suspected they were extremely erotogenic. But I had given my word.

She was brave however. She lay perfectly still whilst I brought the thick strap down twice with all the weight of my shoulders behind it. I loved its fierce swing, which was entirely devoid of consideration for the soft sensitivity and succulent tenderness of teenaged female flesh, and even more ardently I adored the tawse's deafening sonic impact with the smarting buttock mounds. Nina jerked and groaned at each but that was all. Her eyes were filled with tears as she straightened herself and her hands were under her skirt, squeezing and pressing. She seemed like a cat on a hot tin roof.

"Oooo, Chris," she said through her tears, "I never thought I'd agree to this, when we met you off the train in Newcastle'"

And neither did I. The climax to a special and wonderful holiday!

It sure beats going to Disneyland!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Two naughty girls that both love and fear spanking, and a man willing to give the spanking they so badly need in their lives.
good story thanks for posting it.

Roz said...

This was a great story Hermione, thank for sharing this. I bet they never dreamed how the holiday would end!


ronnie said...

I bet Nina and Rose will be looking forward to Chris visiting next summer.

Enjoyed the story Hermione. Thank you.


Hermione said...

Arched one - They had quite the summer holiday!

Roz - You're quite right. It isn't something they could have planned.

Ronnie - I suspect they've already booked his train ticket:)


Anonymous said...

A fine story indeed.

Cat said...

Wow Hermione...what a summer holiday that turned out to be! Wonder if they followed up the tradition the following summer. ;) Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Wow the girlsgot a sound whacking on their bare botties with the strappy ,love and spanks,Tim.