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From the Top Shelf - A Seaside Encounter, Part 3

The story so far: In Part 1, Jane - a woman on holiday at a seaside resort - accepts an offer of part-time work from an older gentleman. The position includes some role-playing and in Part 2, Jane ends up being spanked - not once, but twice! She is confused, and to complicate matters further, her fiance is coming to spend the weekend with her. How will she handle the visit? Find out in Part 3 of R.T. Mason's A Seaside Encounter.

By the time Bob arrived she was feeling slightly better, helped by a bath and a change of clothes. Being with him again for the moment drove the Major Kendall business out of her mind. They went out in the country, found a secluded spot, and had sex. It was good - but not as wildly exciting as when she'd gotten herself off by rocking on the tree branch while picturing herself being spanked by Major Kendall. Afterwards, lying on the blanket with Bob, she began to cry again.

The tears set the tone for the rest of Bob's visit. They returned at odd moments for no apparent reason. It was clear that something was wrong but, of course, she couldn't tell him - was not even sure herself. That night he came quietly into her room, for her parents were a bit prudish and would not have approved of their pre-marital sex, but Jane, after clutching him desperately, suddenly realised she didn't want sex with him. They argued and Bob, furiously angry, left her crying, slamming the door loud enough to have wakened the dead.

The next day, Sunday, was no better and really she wasn't sorry when it was time for Bob to leave. She waved him a tearful farewell and then went up to her room. After half an hour of nail biting, tears and desperate walking up and down, she picked up the phone and hesitantly dialled the Major's number. With her head going round in a spin she heard the now familiar clipped tones.

He said, confidently, "Ah, I thought you would call."

She sat, dumbfounded.

"You will be here in the morning, I assume?"

She bit her lip. "Y-Yes."

"Well nothing has changed, my girl. In fact I shall have to give you something for running out on me in that hysterical manner. I think you need the cane on your bare bottom, Jane. You do understand why, don't you, Jane?"

She gave a silent prayer that the hotel switchboard operator was not listening to this, while at the same time experiencing another wave of sexual excitement. "Yes." she said, softly.

"Good...and you are going to be sensible this time, are you?"

She was already fingering herself, thinking of those hot school fantasies of going into Captain Maitland's room. "Yes," she said, gasping.

Then he said something else. He told her she would accept her submissive role far more easily if she was dressed for the part. Therefore, before she came to his home in the morning, she was to go into Southborne, to Nichols store for hotel staff, and buy a hotel maid's outfit - "a little black dress in silk, quite short, the hem about two inches above the knee".

He wanted her to buy black nylons and a matching suspender belt, all of which he would of course reimburse her for. And shoes. Did she have a suitable pair? Black court shoes with a medium to high heel...

* * *

11 a.m. Monday morning. A nice sunny day at the seaside, the first really nice one for over a week. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams are in deck chairs on the beach enjoying the sun.

About a mile and a half away their daughter Jane has just arrived at the home of Major Robert Kendall. She has just got off the Southborne bus and under her light coat is a maid's uniform; short black silky dress with nylons and high heels. The door is opened by Major Kendall.

Smiling, he greets her, then calmly reaches round and slips his hand under the hem of her little skirt as Jane gasps in startled surprise. He finds what he hoped to find - a completely bare bottom for that was one of his stipulations. Under her tiny skirt she is not to wear any knickers. All part of a lesson in submission.

The elder Williams' contentedly watch the varied activity on the beach. Mrs. Williams, apropos of nothing, remarks that Jane seemed rather upset over the weekend.

"She's at a funny age," states her husband. "A bit mixed up and doesn't really know what she wants. But don't worry, that's life. One moment you're all mixed up and the next, well there it is - just what you wanted, even though maybe you didn't realise it."

Mrs. Williams looks a bit baffled at this round-about logic. But maybe her husband is right. As he speaks, Jane is being firmly led to an upright chair. Then gently, but firmly, is bent down over it. The Major pulls up the silky dress and there is Jane's full, ripe bottom, submissively presented just as he desired.

Yes, perhaps Jane's father is right. Maybe she has found what she wanted. Major Kendall fondles the bare bottom, partly to reinforce his control over her. Then he takes up the cane and whips it down to land with a mighty Thwack! across the fullest part of Jane's backside.

Jane emits an involuntary yelp of pain, and there is an involuntary writhing of thighs and bared rear in response to the flaming pain.

Lowering the cane Major Kendall puts his hand gently on the sleek blonde head. "That's one, Jane. There are five more to come."

Her whole body is trembling. Stroking her hair he says, "You can take five more, now can't you!"

She stammers, "Y-Yes I think so." The cane stung ferociously and is still stinging like hell. But at the same time Jane is experiencing a rush of almost unbelievable arousal.

"Good!" says Major Kendall, and raises the cane again. Then brings it down with a whiiiip! - very hard indeed.

Yes, perhaps Jane has indeed found what she wanted..and needed.

* * *

That evening, after quickly scurrying up to her room and hiding the maid's uniform, Jane was visibly happier - causing her mother to remark on it.

Jane laughed, self consciously. "I don't know the reason, Mum, I just feel sort of liberated somehow."

And with that new found feeling of freedom she said she would go out to the town disco. It was the first time she had gone out on her own since she'd been dating Bob. And at the disco there was this man, young and rather attractive. She told him her name was Jane but she was deliberately vague about anything else. Afterwards, when the disco was over, he tried to persuade her to have sex. At first she said No, but he was persistent and she was still feeling very aroused so she agreed.

He drove out to the sea front and parked among the sand dunes, then he fucked her in the back seat of his car. She enjoyed it - but throughout her mind was on Major Kendall and his cane. Afterwards she surprised herself by not feeling particularly guilty. It was as if she'd suddenly grown up. She had never done it with anyone except Bob and they had been dating for more than a year. She felt open to new experiences and was revelling in the excitement. The boy wanted to drive her home but she told him to take her back to the disco where her father was picking her up. Would she see him again? Maybe, she said.

And what of Bob? Well, she had another whole week of her holiday first before she had to worry about that. Or more precisely, a week of Major Kendall and his cane. A week of that sickening excitement when she bent over, bared bottom waiting for its ferocious kiss.

And then what? That was enough for the present; right now Jane Williams didn't want to think any further ahead.

That's all there is, I'm afraid, so you will have to use your imagination to make up a Part 4. How do you think this will affect Jane's future?

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ronnie said...


Thanks. Enjoyed the story. I quite liked how the author left it.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I thought it was an interesting ending although I would have preferred something more definite.