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From the Top Shelf - A Seaside Encounter, Part 2

Last week we enjoyed part one of this three-part story by R.T. Mason. While on holiday with her parents, Jane meets a mysterious stranger who offers her some part-time work. Jane jumps at the chance to relieve her boredom. She indulges in fantasies about her new employer, and strangely enough, these fantasies include spanking.

The scenes were feverishly exciting, an excitement tinged with guilt and fear that she was allowing herself to have such thoughts. She tried to excuse them by telling herself it was just sexual frustration that was causing these bizarre thoughts, but...

It was with a similar mixture of feelings that she arrived at Major Kendall's house at dead on 9 a.m. the next day. She hadn't phoned to cry off, off course - she knew she wouldn't. She was meekly presenting herself for whatever he had in store, and this morning she had chosen a light summer frock, not the figure hugging slacks and tee-shirt she had worn the day before.

Major Kendall opened the door, his eyes immediately appraising. "Ah good morning, Jane! On time I see! And such a pretty dress."

She felt her heart give a flutter. Then, as he ushered her in, he added, "I wonder if, subconsciously, Jane, you wore a dress today to please me after our little chat yesterday. When girls are in nice short dresses or skirts they can be so conveniently lifted up for discipline. Even for the cane to be applied to their bottoms. Don't you think so, Jane?"

She blushed furiously because it was exactly what she had been fantasising about in bed. Could this man see inside her soul? In some confusion, she managed, "I...I...I think you've got a very vivid imagination."

He laughed. "Perhaps!"

In his study, though, he was immediately all business-like, showing her what he wanted her to do; photocopying sections of books, typing, indexing. All work which, as a secretary, she would find quite straightforward. He himself started writing and now she hardly knew what to think as his attitude had become strictly professional.

Then at 10:30 or so, Mrs. Smith, his elderly housekeeper, came in to say she had put some coffee in the sitting room. Then Jane, sitting on the sofa again and facing Major Kendall, sensed another change in him. His eyes gave her that long piercing stare which made her feel quite helpless and weak. Her hand, holding the coffee cup, began to tremble.

He leaned forward, his face bearing a wolfish smile. "So, lovely Jane, what are we going to do about that splendid but clearly undisciplined bottom of yours? And that pretty dress of yours which you wore so it could be so easily lifted?"

She felt herself blushing bright red. "Look... please... I..." she began weakly.

"Let's talk about a situation for a moment," he said, ignoring her pleas, "let's talk about a pretty young servant girl named Jane. You would have made such a pretty domestic servant girl, Jane. Of course in this enlightened age, being 'in service' is thought of as very menial and demeaning but I'm sure it wasn't always so. The servant girl enjoyed complete security, with a nice pretty uniform to wear and all she had to do was to unquestioningly obey her master's orders. And, if she was lucky, he would be a kindly man, not requiring anything outrageous of her - not for instance requiring her to submit to him sexually.

"But," he said emphatically, "he would naturally deal with her very firmly when necessary, Jane. He would spank or whip her, quite frequently I'd imagine, and undoubtedly on her bare bottom. And he would probably use the cane on her bare behind to a certain extent. But you know I'm sure that, by and large, many a young girl found a naked whipping to be a very exciting experience. What do you think, Jane Williams? Would it have suited you? Would you have found it exciting?"

She bit her lip, hardly believing she was entering this conversation. "That only happened to lower-class girls."

"Ah no. Many middle-class girls got the same treatment, Jane. If it wasn't their father there was usually a kindly uncle or family friend always willing to pull a pretty girl's knickers down. All for her own good, of course. In those days, thanks to strict discipline, you never got the wild behaviour seen in today's young people."

Then he said, "Come and stand over here, next to me, Jane."

He hadn't raised his voice but it had a steely edge and was clearly a command. She found herself automatically getting up and going round the coffee table to stand, rather shakily, next to him.

"Good. A little closer please. Now lets play a little role play game. It is 1930. You are Jane Williams, a young and lovely housemaid in the house of Major Robert Kendall. He has just sent for you and you are standing submissively by his side. He wants to see how obedient you are."

And, as Jane gasped, Major Kendall slid his hand up the inside the rear of her summer frock. Feeling all the way up her bare thighs to the firm bottom in the brief tight nylon knickers. She felt faint - almost sick with panicky excitement.

"Now just keep still and relaxed. This fondling is something you are quite used to as a domestic servant. Major Kendall does it all the time to you, not with any overt sexual motive but merely to emphasise to you that, in your lowly role, your body belongs to your employer to a certain extent."

His hand openly explored the tightly knickered cheeks of her bottom, squeezing her flesh.

"Well Jane, this, if I may say so, is a particularly fine specimen of a bottom. Now what your employer has called you in for is to inform you that at 4:30 p.m. he wishes you to come and see him. He is going to spank your bottom. You have been getting slovenly and you haven't had a spanking in days."

The bold hand gave a final squeeze to the tightly-nyloned buttocks, then slipped back down out of her dress. She was red-faced and trembling, her head spinning like a top.

"You may go and sit down again now, Jane," he said, his voice quite even as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. "We will meet again to complete the experience at 4:30!"

Her voice was a croak. "Look... Major Kendall... please... you are joking, aren't you?"

She had sat down again, feeling dizzy, and for something to do picked up her coffee cup. Her shaking hand spilled coffee in the saucer. Now, once again sitting opposite him it wasn't his hand she had to contend with, it was the look in his eyes again - boring right through her.

He smiled. "Of course I'm not joking, my dear. It is clearly something you need. And, you know, I've a feeling that it's also something you want. Even if you don't want to admit it to yourself."

The day passed as if a dream with Jane barely able to think about what she was supposed to be doing. She could of course just walk out, but... she couldn't somehow bring herself to do it. That would mean confronting Major Kendall anyway and she didn't feel up to that. At lunchtime he took her out to the pub, affably telling her about the area. Half listening, she wondered if she had imagined it - that awful but overwhelmingly exciting encounter at coffee time. Back in the house though, all through the afternoon, she found herself constantly glancing fearfully at the clock.

At 4:30 sharp he looked up at the clock. "Well, Jane, I believe it's time for that little meeting between our house maid and her employer. Shall we repair to the sitting-room?"

"Look..." she said in that croaky voice. Her mouth was dry and her heart racing. "P-Please... it's silly..."

"Silly?" Major Kendall's voice was hard and firm. The voice that was obviously accustomed to immediate, unquestioning obedience.

Jane flushed. "I... er... what I mean... I..er... I think you are joking with me."

"I most certainly am not joking. I thought I had made that clear. I simply want you to accept my demands without question as my servant girl should. Is that clear?"

Jane muttered, "Yes but..."

"No buts. Stand up please!"

Biting her lip she stood up. And this time, when he told her to go into the sitting-room, she complied as meekly as a lamb.

And then, although she could hardly believe it was happening, she was getting across Major Kendall's lap as he sat on one of his upright chairs. And then her skirt was up and Major Kendall's hand was rising and falling like a metronome, smacking sharply down onto the ripe resilient bottom in those tight, pale pink nylon knickers.

He smacked her bottom for some minutes and she felt again, but more strongly, that she was going to be sick, the excitement was so intense. By the time he had finished she was crying. Not that it hurt desperately but her bottom tingled and the whole thing was emotionally too much for her.

Getting to her feet and dabbing at her eyes, she heard him say:

"Very well taken, Jane. But tomorrow I think young Jane Williams will need another session. And for that one she'll need to take her knickers down!"

* * *

A sleepless night in which she tossed and turned and tried to think of Bob and resolved that if she went back to Major Kendall in the morning she would be very firm with him. She was not going to allow it again. She would not be spanked again - it was just too humiliating - and as for taking her knickers down.... She knew that her only really sensible course of action was not to go back at all.

But when the morning came she realised she was going - although with her little speech rehearsed, determined not to allow any more 'games'.

And that, indeed, was what she told him, stammering slightly, when he ushered her in.

"I... I really can't allow any more of that... that silliness, Major. So please... please don't try to persuade me."

She rather surprised herself at how well she had delivered her little address. He smiled briefly and said, "Let's worry about that later, shall we?"

So had he taken any notice of her or not? No he hadn't. At coffee time he said, "Drink up, Jane, and let's get it over with."

"G... get wh... what?" she began, feeling her pulse begin to race.

"You know quite well, my dear. I am going to spank your bare bottom."

"No!" she blurted, "You can't! I won't let you do it!"

He looked at her, his eyes seeming capable of looking right inside her head. His voice was low and mesmeric.

"Jane, we need to completely finish acting out your servant girl experience. I want you to understand true submission. And that means taking down your knickers and giving you a spanking on your completely bare bottom."

"No!" she gasped. But inside her, fighting with her sense of conventional decency and self respect, was a feeling that was beginning to take over, a sense of mounting excitement. That feeling she had at school. She stared at the floor to avoid his gaze.

"Look at me, Jane!" he commanded, and, reluctantly, she did.

"Please stand up and come over to me!"

And once again Jane found herself unable to resist. She got up and, on trembling legs, stood next to Major Kendall. She felt the excitement welling up inside as both his hands slipped up inside her skirt. Right up to the waistband of her knickers, then she felt them being pulled down, very slowly, to her knees. One firm male hand ran lightly over the globes of her bare bottom and she felt as if her knees were going to give way, she was quivering all over. But in any case Major Kendall was then pulling her down. Across his lap.

Her skirt was up, round her waist, so that her bottom was shamelessly exposed, and his hand was freely caressing its bare ripe cheeks. She was gasping, and then came the emotional outlet of tears - as the hand stopped fondling and started coming crisply down. That male hand smacking rhythmically down on her bare bottom. Smack!... Smack!... Smack!... Smack!

By the time he had finished spanking her she was sobbing hysterically. Getting up she blindly pulled up her knickers and then, in a stumbling run, went to get her coat and handbag. Then, still sobbing, she ran out of the front door.

She went blindly out, not really knowing or caring where she was going, her mind was in such a state. It had been simply overwhelming, being over his lap, his hand caressing and then beating her naked bottom. And worst of all, as she had struggled and protested she had felt a strong surge of sexual arousal flooding her body.

Her sexual desires were still strong as she half-walked, half-ran from the house and towards the beach. Further on she saw some woods to the left and impulsively ran in. Among the trees she was safe from view. She looked breathlessly around, then leaned against a tree trunk and, with a groan, slid her hand up under her skirt then pulled her underwear down around her knees.

Her hips squirmed as she worked her fingers inside, gasping, moaning. Nearby a young beech tree had a low thick branch, hip high, jutting out almost horizontally. Glancing round guiltily, she went over to it and, lifting her skirt, got astride the smooth branch. With her hands on the tree trunk she began rocking herself.

She came almost immediately, a surging mind-blowing orgasm, then felt so ashamed that she behaved so wantonly out in the open. She sat down on the mossy ground and began weeping again.

She suddenly remembered that Bob was arriving that afternoon, an overnight break from his course. She had been keenly looking forward to his visit but now... well everything was such a mess. She just didn't know what she wanted. It was impossible to get Major Kendall out of her mind. She told herself she hated him, but at the same time...

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Cat said...

Thanks Hermione. Am really looking forward to part three to see how this story resolves itself. ;)


ronnie said...


Thanks. Looking forward to part three.

If that had been me at 19 and he'd touched my bottom, I probably would have punched him and left:)


Hermione said...

Cat - It's ready for publication next week.

Ronnie - It actually did happen to me at an office I worked at. I told him loudly to get his hand off me. But oh, well, this is fiction.


Aimless Rambling said...

I agree with Ronnie.

an English Rose said...

Looking forward to part three, thanks Hermione
love Jan.xx

Hermione said...

Leigh - It's a bit much in real life.

Jan - Only 5 1/2 days yo go now!