Saturday, April 19, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This young lady is in for trouble, according to your captions!

Measha: If he asks for another round...I just don't know if I'll be up to the task! I am wore out!

Anon: I should have known, he stopped at the bra. Now sitting is going to be my concern.

Nina: Too much booze, burning bottom, hangover, what a party!

GaryNTboy: Tracey had mislaid her glasses again and so found out the hard way that super glue comes in much smaller bottles than fake tan...

Polly: Lucy decided that if she played the "limp fish" and started crying into the comforter before he even started he might take sympathy on her... but probably not.

King Marshal: "Play dead... play dead... it works on bears..."

Welcome, Marshal!

Blondie: I remain in position, laying over the edge of the mattress, waiting. I do not know how long I have been waiting.

Prefectdt: Her swimming coach had been proved right, she could not practice her butterfly stroke without a pool. Now that she had lost that bet, the spanking would be next.

Ronnie: Sally wondered how long she would have to lie here before her bottom cooled down.

Vfrat25000: Another victim succumbs to that dreaded disease known as “Girl’s Night Out!”

Suzy… Has your sister and her eight boys left yet?

May I remind you that YOU are the one who added “Running a Marathon” to your life’s bucket list!

Jennifer… Jennifer… Where is that woman? Oh there you are. I guess that new cold medication is working. I’ll let you rest. Call me if you need anything!

Look who apparently didn’t believe that my Mom and Dad’s famous Kentucky Homemade Moonshine is a wee bit stronger than her big city White Chablis.

Shhhh! I am going to put a Blue Ribbon that says FIRST PRIZE in each hand. For the next few days she will be obsessed with trying to figure out what contest she won!

Pearl: She looks submissive doesn't she. Look a little closer, she just gave a good F***off to her Dom... she kept her socks on!!

Welcome, Pearl!

Annapurna: In despair, I give up utterly. So, whoever took my thong, please return it—now! Then, maybe I’ll let you spank me, and only after if you do something real nice, like buying me a new Beemer. A Four Series will do quite nicely.

Anon2: Just stay right there, whilst I fetch my very best paddle to give your scrumptious bottom the spanking it is clearly asking for.

A. Lurker: "Hey, Dad! Look what Santa got me!" yelled the teenage boy early one Christmas morn.

Hermione: The urge to scratch was overpowering, but Clara could not move her arms.

Sir Wendel: WOW! A rare 1969 Minnie Mouse comforter.

Thanks for contributing to the entertainment on this long weekend. Do stay for brunch, coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

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