Saturday, April 12, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Look closely at the bottom of the picture to see the original caption. Truth is stranger than fiction!

Anon: The sequel to "the Wizard of Oz" , Oz 2 Revenge of the Tin Man" was never released following a poor response to the test screenings.

Leigh: I think she may have found her knight in shining armor, or rather he found her. Hope she has some WD 40; he might need some priming.

Ami: Oh darling what big eyes you have!
Oh darling what big ears you have!
Oh darling what a big.......gasp!

Ricky: Ali, honey, what's that big thing over there? Where are we going?

Prefectdt: Dale was hoping that Flash would not show up on the planet of the Tin men, for the usual rescue. At least not until the threatened spanking had happened.

Baxter: Woman - Oh I love your big hands holding me against your cool steel.
Tinman - My pleasure my dear.
Woman - My bottom is a bit cool tho.
Tinman - I was just thinking about your bottom. I have an idea how to warm it.
Woman - Oooooh great.
Tinman - I will use my big right hand.
Woman - Huh?
Tinman - Yes,I am going to warm your bottom by spanking it.
Woman - Ooooooooooh. you wouldn't?
Tinman - Oh yes I would.
Woman - And then what?
Tinman - I have other big things.
Woman - Do me, do me!

js666: Everyone kept inventing spanking machines, but the real money was in getting the girl there.

Welcome, js666!

Annapurna: Tinster, my love, we must stop meeting like this. What will my fellow welders think of me hanging out nude with a man of rivets like you, and not a weld in sight? They’ll torch my ass for sure in the lunch room!

1manview: Now I will find out what hard as steel really feel like...

Michael: To trap the Mouse Knight king you must use the right bait.

Sir Wendel: Is that an antenna on your head or are you happy to see me?

Vfrat25000: This metal contraption is giving me a major rash!
Oh shove it Tony. I’m naked and I have the sunburn from hell!
Ohhh SWEET MARY!!!!!
What’s a matter now?
I just pinched the family jewels. That’s it I’m done! Your brother in law can take his Viral You Tube Video Project and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

Interesting Trivia: Luke Skywalker and Princess Lea’s costumes changed a bit from the first Star War’s Script

Mom always said: “Dress for Success”

Could you point us towards the Alpha Kappa Gamma Toga Party!

Gym class in college is a LOT more fun than high school!

Well, that was fun! If you've arrived late, you can still add your caption as a comment below.

From Hermione's Heart

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Dr. Ken said...

"I'm sorry...did you just say, "Oil Can"?"