Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 13

This week we asked what one implement you would take with you for a short trip. You said:

River: I think I would bring our large thick wooden spoon. I don't really like it, as it can have me howling with just ten smacks. But I tend to get a bit silly and excited when we go away, and when we are out and about and I see something I like I tend to wander off. So I would need a bit of motivation to make sure I behave as my husband expects me to.

Baxter: We are going to Paris and Amsterdam in a couple of months. I will be wearing a new leather belt which will not only keep my pants up, but upon request, will be removed and handed to my wife so that she can then order pants and briefs to half staff and commence with a spanking. For non airplane trips, the thick wooden spoon finds its way into the luggage.

Abby: Well...Master can wear a belt, I of course, need a hairbrush, so I guess the leather flogger wins.

Leigh: The belt is the only item necessary beside his hand, of course.

Downunder Don: A Lexan ruler - small, discrete but packs an almighty mighty sting for its size.

Sir Wendel: I agree, the belt and hair brush are necessary items so the paddle goes in the bag. Three for the price of one.

Annapurna: Well, that means the spanking machine must stay at home.

Make it a hairbrush. Anything else, except a belt, will raise suspicion with the TSA. Knowing them, they'll take the unsuspecting traveler into a backroom and use the implement on him or her!

Dragon's Rose: The stingy flogger. Dragon is a master with that thing. He makes me purr every time he uses it. It can sting, feel like a fist or cutting. It also leaves lovely marks.

Michael: Great brunch question, Hermione. The implement I would bring is our riding crop with a black leather hand-shaped slapper. It is my favorite because of its versatility. It can deliver ouchy stings with the leather whistling through the air before making contact with Season's bottom. I can give her light sensual pats very quickly covering her entire bum and building to a crescendo leaving her writhing and gasping. If I really want to impart a sting I use the leather covered body of the crop as a cane and make Season really yelp. And best of all I caress her bottom with the hand-shaped slapper; running it along Season's crease and inner thighs cooling her heated flesh while raising both our temperatures to erotic proportions.

Terpsichore: My husband's hand because it goes wherever he goes and his belt because it still makes me shiver to think about it and does not cause waves of questions if found. :-)

arched one: You have some good replies. I would have to say the wooden spoon and of course she could also use my belt on me. I love the spoon as you can use either side for a wonderful sting, and the belt covers both cheeks at once.

S: If we do not have to go through customs, and perhaps have our bags opened, then we take our wooden paddle; eighteen inches long, four wide, with holes in it. Used gently and for a short time, it can produce a lovely glow, but used hard and for some time, it really makes a girl's bottom smart, and know it has had a sound spanking ! If there is a problem with security, then it has to be my innocent-looking hairbrush, and that can leave my bottom in a very tender state.

Nina: Hands, belt and hairbrush would be with us and if more was necessary, it would probably be hubby's cane. We have several and there is one nice and one nasty version. So, I'd choose the nice version, because it is only used for positive moments :)

Dr. Ken: If I could pack and bring only one implement, it would most definitely be a hairbrush. Those not in the know wouldn't look at it twice. Those ladies in the know would look at it and think twice.

Mona Lisa: For us it is Leo´s hands. Nice, warm, lovely...hmm...

Janey: His belt. It would avoid any embarrassment at customs and always serves as a visible reminder, especially when tapped surreptitiously with his finger in public.

Ronnie: Depends on where we would be going. It's P who normally chooses what to take. Generally for a weekend it would be the short OTK cane, easy to fit in hand luggage and quiet if we are in a hotel. As P says though, its not the instruments that's noisy, its me:)

Leah: I say it's a good opportunity to get creative with what you already have or what you'll find when you get there. Belt, hairbrush and hand, of course. If it's a weekend at the beach, the bottom of the flip flop. Maybe a travel guide.

Dan: If the trip involves plane travel and security checks, probably a hair brush or, if more adventurous and willing to risk some knowing looks from the TSA, a bath brush.

Prefectdt: I think that I would choose my carpet beater. It's fun, relatively quiet to use, can be hard to find or buy in some locations and I have my cover story, of going to a carpet cleaners convention, already rehearsed for if I am stopped and searched at customs.

PK: I think I'd bring the dogging bat. It's small and easy to pack. You can always say you are a horse enthusiastic if questioned and it's a wonderful implement for play or serious.

Hermione: As always, I consider my husband's preferences before my own. Ron loves the long wooden shoehorn for the loud sounds it produces as it connects with my bottom. It would be easy to explain if questioned; shoehorns are very useful.

It sounds like your weekend getaways are going to be very entertaining!
From Hermione's Heart

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