Saturday, April 26, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This was the caption I saw on Cheezburger. Now here are yours:

King: God, I hate when my butt eats my panties...there's no ladylike way to dig them out in public.

Dragon's Rose: This is why I NEVER wear a thong. I have enough problems with full butt panties.

Nina: Darn mobile. Why does it have to ring in such a moment?

Ronnie: Why do cheap knickers always end up between your bottom cheeks?

DelFonte: The curse of a panty liner stuck to the butt.

Simon: She knew that her OCD was getting out of hand when she found herself checking that she hadn't left her bottom at home every five minutes.

Ami: Yesterday's thong got stuck so far up her cheeks she lost it completely and so now she is wearing two thongs!

Sir Wendel: That was one hell of a spanking I just got.

Dan: Yes, the welts are still there!

Tppbnk20: No! There really are ants in my pants!

Welcome, Tppbnk20!

1manview: Oh my, its starting to really burn. Mmm, I feel some welts coming up. Oh yea, he's getting some wet stuff tonight ...

Baxter: That guy said I was so dumb I couldn't find my ass with both hands. Well I did it. My ass is in my pants and oh I have a butt crack and my hand is following it down and OHHH what was that and OOOOH that feels great. Now I have both hands on my ass in my pants and boy what an ass I have. Feels great.

Smuccatelli: Crabs, hell! These are LOBSTERS...
Sunny: The middle pix is really 'yuk', first and third - oh well could be cooling down a bum after a spanking or rubbing to get rid of a spanking.

Michael: Cindy says, "OOH, Ralph spanked me so hard this morning I needed this bag of frozen peas stuffed down the back of my jeans to cool off. DAMN! My butt is so warm the peas have thawed. DOUBLE DAMN!! The bag has split open. NO! NO! Don't roll in there. And definitely not THERE! OMG! This is starting to tease, excite me. And to think, I used to hate peas... eating them, anyway."

Anon: Ooh that was quite a spanking. I'll never sit on my poor bottom again.

You have me rolling on the floor with laughter! What a great way to start the weekend! Don't forget to stop by for brunch in a few hours.

From Hermione's Heart


vfrat25000 said...

No more swimming in farm ponds, I have something crawling up my butt crack!

That old man who owns the Brown Farm wasn’t kidding. He said stay out of the apple orchard or I’ll be sitting on a pillow. I guess they mean what they say in Oklahoma?

I think my boyfriend may have an interest in spanking. This is the third time he asked to me to act out the beach scene in that Elvis Movie “Blue Hawaii.” Now I can’t sit down!

This is not good. I know I had my car keys when I went swimming!

Just my luck, stung in the ass by a jelly fish! It feels just like that time my husband found out about that 600 dollar Coach purse. Wow that smarts!

Hermione said...

Vfrat25000 - Hilarious as always! I'm glad you made it!