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From the Top Shelf - Lucy's Dream

I previously shared the story of Juliette's public punishment, observed from the visitor's gallery by Lucy, a student who was there to gather information for her doctoral thesis on discipline. After leaving the court, Lucy met with her supervisor, Sebastian, who wanted her written observations about what she had seen. But Lucy got distracted by a visit from her boyfriend Giles, and kept Sebastian waiting for his assignment. Sebastian was not best pleased, and paid her a visit the next day. He read her half-finished work, scolded her, then sat down with her to revise the paper.

When she is finally alone, Lucy muses about the two men and about what she had seen the day before.

She could never envisage playing punishment and discipline games with [Giles]; he was far too soft and cuddly to be credible in a masterful role.

Sebastian, on the other hand, was quite different. Unsettling to say the least. His observations today had raised fresh doubts in her mind. She must be mad and yet she desperately wanted to please Sebastian. She had never felt this way about Giles and he was a far nicer person than Sebastian would ever be; nice, cuddly, safe Giles. Sebastian was hard, dangerous - and yet she needed his approval, even to feel his wrath, knowing that he was taking the time to correct her.

Lucy also reflects upon the dream she had the previous night, after Giles had left.

In her dream, she had been alone in her flat when she had heard a key turn in the lock. She had heard footsteps behind her as someone came into the room. She had turned to find Sebastian standing before her.

As she stood up to face him, Sebastian reminded her that it was she who had invited him in. In a fuzzy, illogical sort of way, Lucy knew, in her dream, that this was true. Sebastian grasped her shoulders and turned her round to face away from him. She did not resist him; he was too strong for her anyway and she knew she was in his power.

"I am going to help you," he said. "You are going to experience at least some of the feelings Juliette felt yesterday, and having experienced those sensations for yourself, you are going to prove that you are worthy of my assistance."

As he spoke, he threw a sort of wide band of soft material over her head. At this point in her dream, Lucy had unknowingly become entangled in her bed sheets and had flailed helplessly for several minutes without awakening.

"Don't worry," he said, still behind her. "You won't be harmed. This is just the first step of your experience. Remember, Juliette and the others also knew that they would not be permanently harmed. They knew before their punishment started that there was a limit to the duration and intensity of the pain they were about to suffer. I give you the same guarantee."

In her subconscious, dreamy state, Lucy realised that this was literally true - that Juliette knew exactly what was coming to her, right from the start. Sebastian finished tying the blindfold around her head. In a way, Juliette had the advantage over her, knowing her sentence in advance. The uncertainty made her feelings all the more intense, as did the blindfold.

She heard the scrape of furniture being moved. Then Sebastian took her arm and guided her forward a pace.

"I have pulled a low stool out in front of you," she heard him say. She knew the one he meant; it was a small stool, only about a foot high, with quite solid legs. "I want you to step up onto it." Puzzled, she did as she was told.

"Now, be careful," he continued. "Turn around slowly. I want to look at you."

Again, she did as she was told. It was spooky, knowing he was watching her, yet not being able to see him.

"No, not like that." She knew from his voice that he had moved around to a new position. He had been so quiet, she had not realised he had shifted. A frisson of fear ran through her.

"Put your hands up behind your head; that's better. Now turn again."

The sleeping Lucy rotated in her bed, moaning as she did so. The dream-world Lucy did her best to give a real modelling twirl, and nearly fell off her stool. Sebastian steadied her with one hand. When she had regained her balance, Sebastian told her to strip. She replied that she would do no such thing, knowing full well that she wanted nothing more in this world than to do just that in front of him.

"What? Chicken already? How do you think Juliette felt? She had a very personal medical, you know, fully nude, well before they took her knickers down for the beating. You will never begin to know how she felt, let alone write a good thesis. Still, no matter; there will be others who will relish the chance. Get down!"

Her heart was thumping. He was right. She had to know. It was nothing to do with the thesis and it was stupid but she had to know. She began to take off her clothes. It wasn't much of a strip-tease. She was only wearing a track-suit over her underthings, and a pair of white socks.

She took the socks off first. It seemed to be the least revealing thing to do, while she gathered her courage. She balanced on one leg and removed the first sock, letting it fall from her fingers with a little flick. Then she changed feet for the second one. After that there was not much else to take off except her track-suit and her undies. She knew he was watching her and not knowing if he had moved again made it scary. She didn't know what angle he was staring at her from, or what would catch his eye. She was wearing some very modest airtex briefs, so she decided she would be less exposed if she slipped off the track-suit bottoms first. As she discarded them, she plucked up enough courage to ask him what he thought of her legs. It was just bravado; plus, by getting him to answer, she would know where he was.

"They are very attractive." He had moved again, he was behind her. "But don't waste time; I want it all off."

She began to roll up her track-suit top, to pull it over her head. She hesitated when she reached her breasts. Lucy was secretly quite proud of her breasts. They weren't all that big, she supposed, but they were a good natural shape and firm. Realising that there was no point in prevaricating, she quickly removed the top and hurled it at where his voice had come from.

"There, you bastard," she had snarled in her dream, "get a good eyeful !"

She was then taken by surprise by a terrific open-handed whack across her bottom which made her cry out and grab her rear. It had come as a shock and had really stung.

"Don't ever talk to me like that again!" He had sounded really angry. "Now finish the strip if you dare. I want the lot off, and there's no need to be shy, you are made just like other girls."

She wanted to weep. It was as if being made the same as other girls was somehow the worst thing in the world. She had gone so far now there was no going back. There was nothing for it but to finish this embarrassing strip. She fiddled behind her back and unhooked her bra. As it slipped off her shoulders, she made another attempt at being brave, and did another sort of twirl, right round, so wherever he was standing hr had to see her best points. Then it was time for her ultimate test. Time to drop her panties.

She took a deep breath and slipped her thumbs into the waistband. She didn't have the nerve to make a production number out of it, but just slipped them off as quickly as she could, letting them drop to the floor; then she stood up with her hands coyly in front of her. Much later, Lucy realised that this was the turning point of her dream, the point at which the nightmare had become her inspiration. She had never been shy about undressing with Giles, but to do so in cold blood, in front of Sebastian, was different. It was humiliating and frightening, but also exciting in a strange kind of way she hadn't expected. Only much later, when she thought about it a great deal, did she recognise the element of excitement for what it was.

"Put your hands behind you head," he ordered.

She did as he instructed. He was looking at her; she sensed him moving around and there was nothing she could do to hide any part of her. She could hear some noises, movements from behind, but couldn't guess what he was doing. Suddenly she felt his touch in the centre of her spine. Her flesh must have shown goose pimples because he suddenly laughed. Then he ran the tip of his fingernail down her back. He started high, between the shoulder blades, and let his finger run right down. When he reached the cleft of her bottom he paused for a second and she couldn't help giving a little wriggle.

As he continued downwards, he spread his hand, first flat across her bottom, then in a sort of cupping action, squeezing her buttocks.

"Yes, very nice," she heard. "Very spankable. Have you ever been spanked, Lucy?"

"No," she muttered, clenching her bottom and holding her legs firmly together.

"Would you like me to spank you now?" He was stroking her bottom and she was terrified. She knew that he was going to, of course, whatever she said, but still resisted the admission of desire stubbornly.

"No," She pleaded. "No, please, Sebastian - please. This has gone far enough. Please let me go now."

"You disappoint me." His voice never lost its even tempo, which made him sound all the more menacing. All the time he was stroking her bottom, ever so softly, stroking upwards from the top of her thighs, lifting her bum cheeks gently and stroking across them. "How will you ever know, Lucy? How will your thesis carry any conviction? Shall I spank you now, Lucy? I think you want me to, don't you."

His hand was still now, resting flat on her bottom and she felt its sensual warmth. She also heard a voice, quietly and nervously, say, "Yes I do! Oh God!" It was her voice!

It was at that point that Lucy had awoken with a shout of 'No - no I'm sorry!" and found she had managed to discard all her night attire and was lying naked in the bed, with one hand holding her bottom, the other working feverishly between her legs. To her utter embarrassment, she discovered she was soaking wet. She could not decide whether the ache between her legs was due to Giles's attentions earlier or because she needed more of Sebastian's dream-sequence stimulation.

Lucy stopped and smiled to herself. She had given in to temptation and massaged herself to orgasm, lying face down in the twilight. It was difficult to believe it had only been a dream, so intensely had she visualised it. She had accepted it, willed it so. She imagined herself prostrate across Sebastian's knee, her bottom fiery with his slaps. Her fingers fluttered frantically at her clit as she imagined what might come next; how she would be thrown back across the bed and how he would leap on her, ignoring her cries. She lay back, her eyes closed. In her mind Sebastian roughly forced her legs apart; then he was on her, driving his eager cock into her, nailing her smarting bottom to the bed. She cried out in ecstasy as her own fingers completed the necessary climax. When it was over, she collapsed on the bed, sobbing.

Lucy had sobbed herself to sleep exactly as she lay, naked, face down, bottom raised by the pillows under her.
Now we know her interest in spanking is not purely academic. But when will she have a chance to experience the real thing? Wait and see!
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Wow, that was some dream! This is a fantastic story Hermoine. Thank you for sharing more of this with us.


Anonymous said...

In play-spanking a former girlfriend I'd have her OTK and it wouldn't be long before she would start to grind and squirm into my knee. I'd pause from the spanking and explore between her legs. Wet! And when I touched her there,I'd hear that wonderful "haaaa" intake of her breath that she would would hold in for a second or two.

The spanking would continue, a little bit harder, and she would continue to grind herself against me and lift her tush toward the next spank amid her groans and moans.

She would have the most powerful orgasms from that. And I got to watch. (Well,I did help a bit.)


Cat said...

Wow...what a dream. Looking forward to seeing Lucy experience the real thing. ;) Thanks for sharing Hermione. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Minielle Labraun said...

Well our dreams are a gateway to our deepest thoughts. Even as conflicted as she was we can read her desires!

ronnie said...

Powerful dream. Thanks for sharing Hermione. Looking forward to next week's read.


Anonymous said...


Hermione said...

Roz - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more.

A.J. - Welcome! You two had some good times.

Cat - I'm sure she is too.

Minelle - Dreams are very revealing.

Ronnie - You won't be disappointed.

ara - Indeed!