Monday, May 18, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 17

I asked you what your first spanking implement was, and the response was overwhelming!

Dan: As I recall, ours was a small leather paddle, specially purchased for its intended purpose. We stopped using it years ago, as it was too flimsy to function as more than a toy. 

Nina: The first implement was a riding crop which hubby used to take away my fears of implements. So it was more of a fun session when he used that. Later on, for the real deal, he used a cane though.

Fred: The first implement we ever played with was a shoe horn. Not the best spanking tool. We don't still have it as it broke. I still get excited when I see a shoe horn.

A.J. A very old and small oven paddle I bought at an antique store in horse country along with a small leather strap to use on her. She took it from me in the store and said nothing until we got home. Then she used both on ME! One of my BEST and favorite spanking stories.

Welcome, A.J.

Baxter: It was one of two things. Either a leather belt or a paddle. The paddle is actually something used in weaving. It is 30 inches long two inches wide and 1/4 inch thick and made of some durable wood as it hasn't broken yet.

Downunder Don: I was lucky enough to come across a length of Jarrah (beautiful dark red Australian hard wood) and made 3 paddles which are still in use today

Jenn: I think my first was my wooden hairbrush, then the steel-reinforced round leather paddle. Later I bought a wood paddle. The most recent implement was the belt. I'd say the worst of the bunch is the wood paddle. (I have a bath brush, but I don't let anyone know I have it! Too scary!)

Roz: If I remember correctly it was the trusty wooden spoon. Still in use today.

arched one: The first implement was a wooden spoon and was something we had in the drawer. She really made it dance across my bottom and yes we still have it and still use it.

S: A wooden hairbrush on my bare bottom made me realise what smarting was all about. Of course wooden brushes come in all sizes, then clothes brushes, and finally long handled bath brushes, which can really make bottoms burn. The best thing about brushes is they can be left anywhere, without arousing suspicions from the non-spanker.

Steve Redbottom: I'm trying to think back. I remember one of the earliest implements to be applied to my bottom (and that I applied to my wife Sophie's bottom) was a ping-pong paddle. Although that may not have been the very first.

Dr.Ken: First thing I bought--and I still have it--was a hairbrush (actually more of a clothesbrush) from Nu-West. You can see it in many of their photos. And, as a few ladies could tell you, it is VERY effective!

Bogey: It was a wooden ruler, that she had since grade school. It was not very effective so we found a paddle that was most effective.

Anon1: My 2nd grade teacher used a 20" wooden paddle, with holes drilled into it giving it a swiss cheese look. The holes were supposedly to "leave blisters" on your butt. But in reality it just made it whistle when she swung it. I think she's the reason I still like spanking porn. She always wore hot dresses, and looked like Emma Stone. She also had a wooden spoon that she would use on the palm of your hand. We got to choose. I chose the paddle. She spanked kids in front of the rest of the class for extra humiliation.

Jan: The first implement was a wooden hairbrush, We don't still have it as he broke it one day on my podgy rear! We now have a blinking wooden paddle:(

Anon2: The first implement I used on a woman was a hairbrush. We were in college, and she had approached me about spanking her after finding out that I had given her roommate a playful birthday spanking. The first spanking, with my hand, was a bit awkward since it was something new for both of us. The second took place in her dorm room. She said she'd been quite a brat and needed a good spanking. I noticed that a hairbrush was laying conspicuously on her desk, next to the chair she had set out for me. I applied it vigorously to her bare bottom with very satisfying results.

Bonnie: Randy and I began with a small wooden hairbrush that fit in my purse. It proved to be very effective. Soon after, we tried my sorority paddle. It worked even better and was very painful.

We still have the paddle and it gets used occasionally. The hairbrush has been replaced several times over.

Cutiebootie: The first implement used across my backside was a wooden clothes hanger. I loved it!

Ronnie: If I remember correctly apart from a the wooden spoon and the hairbrush it was a crop. We don't have that one any more; the little flap came off. We've bought more since then.

Hermione: We were doing some redecorating, and when we bought the paint we were given a free paint stirrer. The more I used it during our painting sessions, the more I wanted to feel it on my bottom. So the next time we went paint shopping, I put the new stirrer aside. When the time was right, I told Ron of my desire, and he happily complied. He eventually painted it gold and called it the "Golden Paddle". We still have it, although it's pretty tame in comparison to most of our current implements.

That was fun! I'm delighted that so many of you responded this week.
From Hermione's Heart

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