Saturday, May 30, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Nina: Well my dear, only another day and you might be able to sit again. And I am absolutely sure next time you will open the garage door before driving the car out.

Baxter: Dear, how many times do we have to have this same discussion about how I am going to spank you? You are not keeping the house clean or feeding us nutritionally all the time. I am going to go get the carpet beater and see if I can't spank some sense into you to stop eating bonbons and do your job.

sub hub: When am done with this cigarette, you'll be naked and in position to receive from me what I have to give you.

Jim M: Really Victoria, my dear, all this physical labor is beneath a gentleman of my standing. For you my darling, of course, I have made an exception, but really, this is too much. First I spanked you once a week and that was tiring enough. But then you wanted twice a week. Totally exhausting, and my arm was so sore. And now, now you want to be spanked every other day?

But your wish is my command. I know that we both agree that physical labor is best left to servants. After all, that is way we have servants. So here is the solution. I have purchased for you a lovely spanking bell. I have explained its purpose to Jeeves and every time you ring it he or one of the other servants will come at once and give you a spanking. So you can have as many spankings as you want, whenever you want. Victoria, why are you looking at me like that. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. It is the perfect solution. Victoria, stop frowning at me like that.

Minelle: I know you didn't enjoy being spanked. However I am being very understanding by allowing you the use of a hammock! Think how sore you'd be on a wooden chair!

Six of the best: "I was speaking to Prince Andrew the other day, about our getting together with his wife, and having a 'spanking good time' party. And he nodded his head in agreement".

Ronnie: You disobeyed me by disciplining the stable boy yourself when I strictly told you to leave him for me to deal with him when I came back from the club. So you will come to my study after dinner and I will deal with you. Now we'll have no more talk about. I want to finish my cigarette in peace.

Leigh: When I'm finished with this cigarette, I'll tend to you.

Dr. Ken: She: "I'd love a spanking before dinner, darling, but I'm still having trouble sitting comfortably from last time. Why do you think I'm lying on my side?"

Simon: When I finish this cigarette I don't care if the neighbours are watching we are definitely going to try it standing up in a hammock.

ricky: Does it still hurt, darling?
I told you to control yourself!

Hermione: "No, George, you spanked me last time. It's my turn to spank you."
"Letitia, if you insist on arguing with me I'll put you over my knee right this minute."

For more friendly banter, please join me for brunch, being served on the patio soon.

From Hermione's Heart

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