Saturday, May 23, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Kingspan: Honey, I had that dream again where you find me sunbathing naked and make me pick a switch off a tree.

Simon: Sally had decided that however fashionable it was her interior designer was going to get a thrashing.

Leigh: Lots of switches handy.

Jim M: Just west of Spankopolis, the capital of Spankoland, is the Bois de Spank. One of my favorites there is the “Top’s Trail.” There are 43 “stations” where bottoms can wait for tops to come and “find” them. This is my very favorite spot. It is surreal with the old ruined house, the dead trees and the early morning mist. I usually stay until I have gotten three or four spankings. Between spankings I catch up on my reading. By the time I leave, there are usually one or two bottoms on the bench down the path waiting to take my place.

Sir Wendel: 50 Shades of Gray - 1945

DelFonte: George, she's at it again. Lying at there with nothing on. George... George! Where are you?

Nina: Thelma found it odd that the painter insisted on her modelling here, among the trees, and him mumbling 'more colour' every hour, before he used another switch on her bum didn't improve her mood either.

Ronnie: Even the house falling down wasn't going to stop Thelma finishing Fifty Shades of Grey.

Vfrat25000: Sis, what are you doing this afternoon?
Nothing really, just hanging out naked reading a book in a hazardous waste dump. What are you doing?

Betty decided to spend the weekend at her favorite lake, Lake Chernobyl. She couldn’t understand why it wasn’t crowded on a Holiday Weekend.

No one could ever understand why Michelle always came back from the lake with such a nice tan when there had been no sun all weekend. She also glowed in the dark but they really wanted to know her tanning secret more than anything else.

Susan, you picked one heck of a dump for our campsite!
I know but wait until you see all the really cool and unusual creatures than run around here and the noises at night are amazing!

Peggy refused to move out after her river front estate burned to the ground. She was extremely dissatisfied with the insurance company's offer. After a short time she painted the words State Farm Sucks on her pearly white bottom cheeks, self spanked herself to a nice pink glow and hung a sign up that said “I got spanked by State Farm!” It wasn’t much longer after which State Farm significantly increased their offer.

Hermione:  Despite the fast-approaching forest fire, Mary couldn't put down the latest issue of Janus magazine.

For more spanko fun that will have you glowing with pleasure, please join me for brunch.
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