Thursday, September 3, 2015

Complete the Caption

This photo appeared in my inbox yesterday and it screamed "Complete this caption, if you dare" at me. So here it is, in all its glory. What do you make of it? I can think of several possibilities, but I know you'll come up with ideas I never dreamed of.

Leave a comment with your caption, and I'll publish your submissions in two days' time.
From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

God I hate it when I pee myself and there is no paper, but thankfully the hand dryer is here. Gee, this position is very similar to when I get caned. Hmm, good practice?


Michon said...

My husband has a much better way of heating the seat. Care for him to talk to you husband? lol

Michael M said...

" Guess I'll have to wash my hands again now."

sixofthebest said...

"I'm trying to cool my off my bare bottom. after 'six of the best', gave me 'six of the best, with a cane".

Unknown said...

I hope this works. If my bottom is already heated, then the heat created from the spanking I am about to get will maybe not feel so hot! my bottom will redden so much faster, that maybe he will lessen my spanking!
bottoms up

Aimless Rambling said...

Another way of heating the bottom.

ricky said...

Well, this is the last time I sit on a block of ice to cool off.
Numb's the word, shall I say, has certain disadvantages.

Kingspan said...

Some people will do anything to avoid getting spanked on a wet bottom.

Mitch Philbin said...

Gee, the tag said wash and wear. What did I do wrong?

ronnie said...

If I heat my bottom first, maybe I wont feel the heat so much from the spanking I'm going to get.


Vfrat25000 said...

Megan our nurse is demonstrating the newest invention for treatment of chronic hemorrhoids. The Wall Mounted Hemorrhoid Blaster 6000

Chuck should we tell her she’s in the men’s room?
No she just sat in Old Charlie’s Mega Margarita…That’s embarrassing enough.

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the latest in Security Technology…This device will revolutionize airport security. The Multi Directional Plutonium Powered Ass Scanner 200. This device has a 99.9 % effective rate of identification of potential terrorist ass cheeks! Please drop your pants, turn and face away from the wall, bend over, touch your toes and slowly back up until the machine confirms your ASSDENTITY. Good…Next Please!

Fred is that your wife?
Yes, now be quiet this you tube video is going viral!

Debbie wondered if the additional 350 dollars for heated seats in her car was worth it so she devised a plan to see if she really enjoyed having her backside electrically heated.