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From the Top Shelf - Six More for Lucy

Lucy has had six strokes of the cane for being inebriated in public, and has been allowed a brief break to compose herself. She still has six more to endure for knocking down a police officer. How will she take them? Will Sebastian enjoy watching her punishment?
Lucy emerged from the Ladies to be met by the waiting WPC Sims. The brief interlude and application of the cold sponge had certainly taken away the fierce initial stinging, but when she had gingerly eased her panties back on, the touch of the thin material had been enough to bring a prickle of tears back to her eyes. Stiffly, Lucy fell into step with her escort as they marched back towards the punishment chamber.

"I had a quick word with the sergeant while you were in the toilet," Constable Sims smiled sympathetically, trying to make Lucy feel more at ease. "One of your governors from Carstairs has arrived and will be ready to take you back when this is over. I expect they'll be able to look after you and make you more comfortable, won't they?"

Lucy was not sure that being 'looked after' at Carstairs was at all likely to make her feel more comfortable, but she kept silent and just nodded glumly.

"The other thing is that the procedure is going to change a little bit this time. " She looked at Lucy apologetically. "George Biggs has asked the sergeant if he can take the cane to you this time, and the sergeant has agreed. I'm afraid you rather bruised George when you knocked him over with your bike, and he fully intends to return the compliment."

Lucy began to protest. "That's not fair, it was an accident."

Constable Sims cut her short. "It's no use making a fuss now. You'll just have to face the music. Remember what I said; keep your legs together and relax." She opened the door and gently propelled Lucy back into the punishment room.

It came as no surprise to Lucy to find that Sebastian was in conversation with the sergeant. She had immediately guessed that it would be him when WPC Sims made reference to 'one of the Carstairs governors'.

Smiling, he turned towards her. "You really have got yourself into hot water this time, Lucy."

Before she could answer the sergeant interjected. "I'm sorry, sir, no talking to the prisoner allowed for the moment. If you would just stand over there, sir, we have our duty to do. I'm sure the police benevolent fund will be very grateful for your generous contribution, sir, thank you, and, " he winked at Sebastian, "I'm sure none of us noticed that you brought a camera in with you, did we now?" This was addressed to the two constables who grinned and shook their heads vigorously.

Lucy saw that Sebastian was carrying a small camera. His intention was obvious and the knowledge that her discomfiture was going to be recorded on film somehow made it all the more dreadful. Damn him - damn Sebastian to hell! He always seemed to know how to take maximum advantage of her.

"Now then, young lady, you know the procedure by now and we want to get this over nice and quickly, don't we? No fuss. So step up onto the stool, if you will."

Reluctantly, trying hard not to let her legs shake, Lucy did as she was told. Constable Sims held both her hands as the sergeant applied a new piece of tape to the centre of Lucy's back, lifting her skirt right up to shoulder level before securing it. Lucy heard a click and looked over her shoulder to see Sebastian just lowering the camera. She blushed hotly at the thought of what he might photograph next.

"If you're a good girl, we'll dispense with the cuffs this time." The sergeant was in front of her now, taking her hands from WPC Sims. His grip was firm and Lucy had already noted how strong his hands were.

"Oh, please," she pleaded meekly.

The sergeant turned, twisting his grip and twirling her arms over his shoulders as he did so. "Right then, miss, you have six more to come, as per the lawful sentence of the magistrate, so just lean on me and we'll get it over with."

Lucy did not resist as he pulled her forward on to his broad back, but lowered her head to rest on his shoulder as if to draw some comfort from the personal contact. She flinched, her face burning, as for the second time that day, a policeman lowered her panties in preparation for the administration of a legally authorised caning.

George Biggs was none too gentle and her bottom already felt radiantly warm as the scanty slip of cotton was drawn across the ridges left by the sergeant's beating, and down her thighs to her knees. Behind her, Sebastian's camera clicked twice.

George Biggs took a cane from the rack. "Right you are, Sarge. Up she goes."

The sergeant leaned forward and Lucy felt her feet leave the stool. Remembering what the WPC had said, and also indignantly aware that the camera was clicking busily away, she tried to relax and keep her legs together.

"Right then, young miss, this is what you get for knocking over a police officer." The speed with which PC Biggs applied the first stroke took Lucy completely by surprise. "And this is what you get for covering me in booze and spoiling my uniform."

Looking through the viewfinder of his camera, Sebastian could see that Lucy had received six hard strokes from the sergeant. The red stripes, already blueing slightly, ran in exactly parallel lines, starting just above the centre of Lucy's gorgeous bottom-cheeks and progressing downwards; closely spaced red stripes, covering exactly the area she would normally sit on, but leaving a white and unmarked area perhaps two inches wide at the under curve of her bottom. He had no sooner recorded this fact on film and noted how Lucy was allowing herself to hang limply from the burly sergeant's back when the first of PC Biggs's vicious cuts landed across Lucy's thighs, fully four inches below the last welt from her first session.

Sebastian almost spoiled his photograph by flinching in sympathy as Lucy reacted. Her body stiffened and both legs bent at the knee, kicking upwards in a frantic reflex. The second cut followed the first so rapidly that he missed it landing, but took a shot just as the cane withdrew, leaving to show the two red lines across Lucy's thighs, one above the other, an inch or so apart.

Lucy howled, wriggling pitifully, but was still firmly held by the sergeant. Her initial intentions of keeping calm and keeping her legs together in some attempt at dignity were driven out of her mind. George Biggs did not have the strength of arm allied to the scientific precision of his sergeant, but he was quite strong enough to make Lucy feel as if she had been stung by a thousand wasps, all attacking her rear simultaneously.

"This will stop you sitting comfortably for a week." George Biggs was enjoying seeing those delightfully plump female curves shudder under his cane strokes and intended to make the most of it. He planted two in quick succession, right on the crease line where Lucy's bottom met her thighs, so close together that only a single stripe showed in Sebastian's viewfinder. Lucy's legs were flailing wildly now and Sebastian's lens caught a tantalising flash of dark curls in the cleft of her thighs. The last red weal came very close to that super-sensitive area.

"I'm sorry!" Lucy twisted and looked over her shoulder at her tormentor. "Please, I'm sorry! No more, please, no more!"

"Steady on, girl, only two more. Steady down now." The sergeant's voice didn't register with Lucy at all.

"Sorry, is it? This is what sorry does."

The crack! made Sebastian wince as the cane left a diagonal stripe from Lucy's upper left buttock to the lower right, crossing most of her earlier stripes, the end of the cane leaving a darker mark where it dug deeply into the flesh at the side of her cheek.

"Now you're sorry!"

Sebastian took one final photo, timing the moment precisely as the cane curved on impact, wrapping itself around Lucy's plump and tender cheeks on the opposite diagonal from its predecessor.

* * *

Half an hour later, the still sniffling but slightly more composed Lucy knelt on the back seat of the Carstairs mini-bus as Sebastian drove slowly back through the village. Her bottom was throbbing in a way that she could never have imagined, and her throat was hoarse from shouting. She gripped the seat back firmly, ignoring the rules about wearing a seat belt, because nothing, absolutely nothing on earth, would have persuaded her to sit down on the lumpy upholstery.

"What I don't understand," Sebastian was saying, "is why? Why on earth did you do it?"

"I did it for you." Lucy sniffed again.

"For me? How? Why?"

"I read my thesis through again last night and I knew it wasn't quite good enough. I knew you wouldn't approve of it as it was; there was something missing. I thought I knew what it was, so I tried to put it right. I knew I needed to put in that extra spark; I needed to experience for myself something that I couldn't get from interviews or observation. I know I've had my bottom smacked a couple of times here at Carstairs but that wasn't the same. I needed the whole judicial ritual from which I couldn't walk away."

Sebastian nodded thoughtfully. "Well you certainly achieved that! Was it worth it?" He deliberately injected a note of scorn in his voice.

"Sebastian, how can you be so cruel? I did it for you. Don't you understand? I wanted to please you! I need you. Please, please say you understand." Lucy looked over her shoulder at him, near to tears.

Keeping up the pretence, Sebastian frowned. "I know one thing; you have really spoiled the plans I had made for you this afternoon. I was going to make you and Juliette the joint centres of attraction and account for your demerit points in front of everyone. Now I don't know what to do with you. I can't parade you on the platform with your arse already striped like a five-barred gate. What would be the point?"

"I'm sorry I've spoiled your fun," Lucy said bitterly, "I suppose you'll have to take a rain check on that then, won't you." She sniffed, then rallied her spirits for one last riposte. "Unless you want a private viewing?"

Sebastian kept silent for a moment, then allowed her one small concession. " I'll make a bargain with you. When I have finished with other matters this afternoon - " he paused to allow the dark significance of this to sink in "- I'll come and read your thesis. If I don't like what I read, then, I promise you, how your bottom feels now will be just a gentle warm-up for what I have in mind for it."

"What if you like my work? What will you do with me then?"

The mini-bus turned into the front drive of Carstairs and his reply was lost to her in the scrunching of gravel under the wheels. The vehicle drew to a halt, as Sebastian held the door open for Lucy to alight rather gingerly from the back seat. She smiled at him, wistfully. "I suppose you wouldn't grant me one little favour?"

"Which is?"

"Whatever you decide to do to me, could it be face down? I don't think I shall be able to sit or lie on my bottom ever again!"

I think Sebastian enjoyed that very much, don't you? What does he have in store for Lucy next?

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Roz said...

Ouch! Poor Lucy. I think Sebastian definitely enjoyed himself. Oh my, hope he likes the thesis! Wonderful what happens if he does? I have a feeling though that he may find some deficiencies in it perhaps.

Thank you once again for sharing more of this story Hermoine. Looking forward to what happens next :)


ronnie said...

Poor Lucy and Sebastian taking pictures of the event.

Hard to say if Sebastian will find fault with her thesis. I look forward to reading about it.

Thanks for sharing the story with us Hermione.


Hermione said...

Roz - I think S is a hard man to please.

Ronnie - Sadly, there is only one chapter left.


Anonymous said...

He's going to read her these now?! I thought her new experience was supposed to improve it, but it sounds like he's going to read it before she has a chance to do revise it in light of her new experience.

Love the story, but this is really bugging me!