Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Speaking of Corrie

This summer Ron and I have become hooked on British detective shows. Most are several years old now, but new to us. We started out with DVDs borrowed from the public library, which has the first season of a large variety of BBC programs. Then I discovered subsequent seasons on YouTube, so we watch one episode a night on our Blu-Ray player attached to the television.

Right now we are enjoying Scott and Bailey, a program  about two female detectives whose private lives are intertwined with their professional ones. The funny thing about British shows is that actors we have seen on other programs invariably appear. (There must be a relatively small pool of talented actors.) Whenever that happens, Ron will say, "We've seen him (or her) before." That's my cue to pick up the iPad, look up who the actors are and find out where else we have seen them.

Okay, I have to say it gets a bit irritating at times. I want to just get on with the show, but Ron needs to know where else we have seen the actor. (Sometimes I think he needs a spanking for being so annoying.) But I keep a tab open with the latest episode, and once we have the character's name, I pause the program and search with the iPad, scanning the list of other shows the actor has appeared in until I find one we recognize. Nine times our of ten, for Scott and Bailey, that actor appeared on Coronation Street. In fact, two of the main characters are Corrie alumni.  I think the count is up to ten now for ex-Corrie residents, and we are only on season three.

And speaking of Corrie, here's a little startle that I caught when two seamstresses from the knicker factory were discussing a recent event they were witness to. Tracy, the owner of a second-hand shop, has gone into the office of Carla, the factory owner, and things did not go well for her.

Izzy: "Tracy came out of Carla's office with a face like a slapped backside."

Sinaed: "When Carla slaps a backside, it stays slapped."

Now, if you are a fan of Coronation Street you will agree with me that Tracy Barlow is at the top of the list of characters who would benefit from a good spanking or twelve. So the brief conversation struck me as very appropriate. If only the writers could make it happen. It would surely draw even more viewers than another tram crash.
From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

You need to look on IMDB - just type in the name of the show, and it will give you a list of actors. Click on the one you're interested in and it will give you a list of everything else they've been in.

Roz said...

LoL Hermoine, we look up actors to check what we have seen them in before too sometimes. Here in New Zealand we do have a small pool of actors, and most of them have been on Shortland Street, our (poor) equivalent of Corrie lol.

I'm not a big Coro fan, strangely perhaps being an ex pat lol, but I definitely agree Tracy Barlow would benefit from several spankings!


ronnie said...


I know what you mean about actors appearing in other shows. Happens a lot. Don't particularly like it. Don't watch Corrie these day but I know Tracy and yes she would benefit from a good spanking.


Baxter said...

My wife and I like detective series also. Via Netflix, we have come across Acorn TV, which is British and we are hooked on Vera and we have also watched Murders in Midsomer. Great series and there are many more.


Unknown said...

Hi Hermione, I only know little about Coronation Street, but hubby and I love watching British crime series such as Luther and Inspector Lewis. If it's too bloody I don't like it, though.



Rosie Jones said...

Hi Hermione,
I can't watch TV or films without IMDB open. I'm glad you like watching British programmes, I love American series like Law and Order and NCIS (I've been a fan of Mark Harmon since St Elsewhere). My all time favourite is The West Wing, which I have on DVD and revisit from time to time.


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :)

I don't really know the shows, but I have heard of Coronation Street. I used to love Upstairs, Downstairs years ago.

I was thinking that perhaps, and in order to save a future spanking event that you may not want, maybe you could have Ron give you a Gg spanking each time he makes you look up the same person or something. IDK. Sounds like a fun idea to me! LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Enzo said...

We have a similar experiences. We don't watch these particular shows, but often times when My Girl is watching a show I'll recognize an actor right away from another show or movie and easy identify which other show. She is always like, how'd you remember that?

Never forget a face.

Anyways, I might have to look up this Tracy Barlow character.


Cat said...

LOL Hermione...based on Lizzie and Sinaed's conversation, either one or both of them have been on the receiving end of a bum warming by Carla. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

PK - That's exactly what I do, except that sometimes, clicking on the actor's name brings up a page with no info. Then I do a search.

Roz - I'll have to try and look for Shortland Street. Hopefully it's better than Corrie.

Ronnie - It was funny seeing "Mr Bates" from Downton Abbey 20 years younger on Silent Witness, season 1.

Baxter - I've heard about being able to subscribe to Acorn TV. Netflix in Canada sucks! We have watched Midsomer Murders for many years on PBS.

Nina - Some of the shows are very graphic.

Rosie - What would we do without IMDB?

Katie - I was a fan of Upstairs, Downstairs too. Great idea about the gg.

Enzo - Ron is the same. He is great with faces. Me, I recognize names from the opening credits; faces not so much.

Cat - I'd like to think so :)